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  1. Alfa

    B.C. Drugstores Could Distribute Feds' Crop Next Year

    Your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist could be selling marijuana next year -- as part of a Health Canada pilot project.

    The project, proposed by pharmacists Glenda MacDonald and Robin O'Brien, would see several B.C. drugstores distribute government-grown pot to the almost 150 British Columbians with Health Canada medical marijuana licences.

    Health Canada began issuing special permits for seriously and chronically ill people to use marijuana in July 2001. People with such licences are permitted to have one person grow marijuana exclusively for them -- but the government is now growing its own pot under contract with Prairie Plant Systems, a Manitoba-based company.

    Health Canada wants to reduce reliance on compassion clubs to distribute medical marijuana and supports pilot projects like that proposed by MacDonald and O'Brien.

    Rielle Capler, spokeswoman for the B.C. Compassion Club, says the future of her 3,000-member group is under threat from both the government and the pharmacies.

    "[Health Canada] wants to see it go only through pharmacies and only produced by Prairie Plant Systems. They are trying to take it away from compassion clubs and leave one choice for people," Capler says.

    Capler says compassion-club members require a confirmation of diagnosis from a physician -- but to get a Health Canada licence, the physician is required to provide more information about their patient.

    Capler is also critical of the marijuana supplied by Prairie Plant Systems, claiming the quality is well below that offered through clubs.

    "If that's what's going to be distributed at the pharmacies, then that's really sub-quality care," Capler says. "People need access to a wide variety of high-quality strains."

    O'Brien dismisses Capler's criticism of government marijuana.

    "This old yarn about the Health Canada product just goes on and on.

    It's pure bud, it's good stuff and it's not full of toxins and heavy metals. The Health Canada requirement is that it's within the same limits as tobacco," O'Brien says.

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  1. BEEKSc1
    what does the US government think about this, i have heard threats that the US will cut off some ties with canada if they start to sell or legalize the herb.
  2. GDxCAT
    godamn this country. i need to move up north.

    Oh canada, oh canada...
  3. Dualpower

    That's the rumor on the street. Perhaps Canadian officials are aware of
    the approaching shift of power in the world -- probably, since they're
    spending a hell of a lot of time and money promoting Canadian industry
    in Asian countries.

    Besides, the US of A already screws Canada over, slapping questionable
    tarriffs on their exports everytime American producers can't match the
    quality or price. Their is a growing sense of anti-Americanism, for
    better or worse, amongst voting Canadians. A decision like the one
    being considered in B.C. will have the support of a significant portion
    of voters.

    How these people react to the American reaction is uncertain. I would
    consider the possibility of more anti-American sentiment the most
    likely response. When it comes down to it, it will be painted as an
    American attempt to interfere with our sovereignty by liberal minded
    people. The strength of the federal liberal movement is in question,
    however, as a national Liberal government has been in power for a very
    long time.

    As I type this there is a possibility of a federal election being
    called over "moral" issues such as relaxing marijuanna laws, and
    allowing gay marriages. If it proceeds, it promises to be a very
    interesting election. The two dominant parties are apt to take opposite
    sides - it will be an election of principles, not one where the
    candidates are interchangeable on most issues.

    From what I understand, the Conservative party leans towards heavy
    cooperation and integration with the United States on matters of policy
    and defense whereas the Liberals go so far in the other direction as to
    dangerously alienate us from our most important trading partner.

    The reality is probably that if Canada wants to make these freedoms
    available to its citizens, they will pay a heavy price. If America is
    exporting freedom, as Mr Bush recently suggested, then it is at a great
    cost to the recipients. I would defiantly see my country be martyred
    rather than capitulate to the whims of the neo-conservative war machine
    that is destabalizing the international community and jeapordizing
    everyones future safety.
  4. BEEKSc1
    damn well said, i definately live in "neo-conservative war machine that is destabalizing the international community and jeapordizing everyones future" safety primarily because amerika is the richest (and most povern amoung industrialized) nations.* and amerika gained it's wealth inhumanely through slavery. and some ppl put pride into the land of hypocracy?should you put pride into something that was not a conscious decision made be you?

    of course amerika would do this though. amerika is capalistic. everything is a buisness, including health care and medicine. this is an anomoly to me, inherently this seems illogical:a highly "civilized" nation would not put the well being of it's citizens at the top of their priorities; or is it just me?
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