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  1. Basoodler
    TEXAS – A dangerous Russian drug that has suddenly become popular in North Texas may have contributed to at least nine recent deaths in Tarrant County, including four in just the past three months.

    Phenazepam works as a tranquilizer, and is said to be more powerful than Xanax or Valium.

    A Texas family is struggling with the devastation from this drug.

    Their 18-year-old son was hit by a car when his vehicle ran out of gas, and made a rash choice to run across the road in front of traffic.

    “There was a bridge right in front of them.”

    “They could have just crossed over the bridge. It was 50 yards in front of them.”

    Drug tests showed their son had this powerful tranquilizer in his system, and it’s sold legally online in tablet, pill and powder form
    Drug enforcement is now working to stop these drug sales because they are seeing more and more deaths related to it.

    There have been a total of nine deaths in Texas alone.

    Part of the problem is that people buying the drug believe they are buying something identical to Xanax, not realizing how powerful it is.

    Posted on: 5:47 pm, March 21, 2014,
    by Bailey Woolum KFOR-TV and NBC News



  1. Alfa
    This doesn't surprise me one bit. I have seen too many intelligent people become complete idiots after phenazepam intake.
  2. Basoodler
    I was going to say the same.. I'm actually shocked that more stories havnt surfaced..

    My guess is that, because there isn't much parity between a Benzo overdose from one type to the next ... therefore there isn't any elevated concern to investigate which benzo was consumed.

    as well as, the extremely similar sounding drug names.. I would guess the treatment is decided by the first utterance of the "zah Pam". ( that's when the doctors start rifling through your pockts and posing you in fucked up pictures for their custom memes and fetish porn sites...cause you ain't remembering shit..)

    So they very well could go unnoticed
  3. xrayspexx
    I am surprised its still legal in the states as this shit will rock your sox. AFOAF had taken it before and had little effect at a low dose (1mg) but when combined with small amounts of alcohol and thc-9 THEY were floored. Did a lot of stupid shit and was confused about the events of the previous evening. This stuff is dangerous to stupid people.

    Dont be a dick, buy a scale.
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