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Phenibut FAA vs HCL for anxiety and GAD

  1. Healer
    Welcome back to my blog. I've done a 2 month trial using Phenibut Hydrochloride at the start of this year. The results were promising but after one large dose that I took for sleep that was 2-3 times larger than my average dose for phenibut, my tolerance went through the roof and that threw that trial off baseline and resulted in minor withdrawal symptoms.

    To recap my previous trials this is how it went. I was doing daily dosing with 500mg than tapering down to 250mg daily. It worked nicely at first before I realized I was more high than I was sober. My critical thinking skills were boosted as my GAD and panic attacks subsided. I started to dose every 3rd day taking only doses of 250mg and found great results. However, I was experiencing lingering withdrawal due to my massive dose for sleep attempt, but the anxiety and panic attack relief was still there. I ended up coming to the conclusion that with baseline tolerance after my withdrawal period that 500mg every 3rd day worked well for a short period of time.

    Phenibut FAA instead of HCL instead any why
    The Freebase form of phenibut lacks any recreational effects in my experience. I have toyed around with dosing with no tolerance and 2 grams held no over stimulation or any high, meanwhile the HCL form would have had me very relaxed and anxiety free, but at the same time it would give me mania similar to the high energy levels and over enthusiasm and motivation as I would get from high doses of amphetamines.

    Given that the FAA lacks the feeling of being high, this is the new form I will be taking for GAD and panic attacks. My daily medication for GAD works pretty good, but it's not great even after toying around with higher doses given by my psychiatrist neither does it prevent panic attacks. Adding a dose of 500mg Phenibut FAA every 3rd day decreases my xanax use to only 1mg per week. I don't have panic attacks anymore but I get the sensation that I'm loosing control and will go crazy that is a typical sign of panic, but it ends there. I don't progress into a panic attack and I take a very low dose of xanax which is .25mg for relief. This is a major decrease in xanax consumption. Before starting Phenibut again I was needing about 2-3mg of xanax per week, sometimes requiring about 15mg per month total.

    Phenibut FAA gives me the same effects that I was looking for with the HCL form. It prevents the negative side effects from my daily medication that give me a lack of motivation, slight depression, sleeping all day, and one very serious side effect that is present with every medication I tried, the suicidal thoughts. I am more motivated than before. It is at a normal level. With HCL I was over motivated and manic. Now I am perfect and can stay on track with one thing at a time instead of moving from subject to subject.

    With the benifits of phenibut FAA I highly recommend anybody who is actually using phenibut for anxiety to try this for a week or two. It didn't seem to work for my first week. After the third dose in the second week it began to produce the same effects as HCL without the negatives. Unless you're only using phenibut to get high, or lieing to yourself about using phenibut only for anxiety, give phenibut FAA a shot. It works great in combination with my daily medication which is an NaSSA type drug.

    Author Bio

    A newly converted straightedge user, but still hungry for knowledge about drugs and I want to start to promote harm reduction again, but better than before. I was this year diagnosed for a problem with my brain that's been causing problems over a decade. Finally years of seeing doctors pays off. The diagnosis was scary at first. Personally I just like to read, and learn about things online. About anything. I used to travel a lot for research work. Sadly I don't recall much of it anymore. That just means I have to research more! I blog now and will spending a big chunk of time doing that.

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