Phenibut Taper Log: Day 1

By Pseudovoyager · Sep 24, 2013 · ·
  1. Pseudovoyager
    As a great way to break in my blog, and hopefully to aid others in their search for information on Phenibut addiction and withdrawal...I've decided to log my tapering experience for everyone to see!

    A little background wife and I have been taking Phenibut daily for roughly the last month, in doses of about 8-10g minimum, sometimes more. She's been taking around 6g per day. Originally we started doing it for the crystal clarity Phenibut provides. I've heard, from more than one person, that Phen feels like the "Limitless" drug to them. I can totally relate.

    I really hope that this log helps someone out that's going through something similar. I went through so many forums, blogs, etc. looking for information on Phenibut withdrawals and such and I'm just really dissatisfied with the amount of information that's out there. I definitely want to add to it.

    Anyway, not to ramble. Let's get on to the actual tapering.

    Phenibut Taper: Day 1

    I woke up feeling relatively decent this morning. My last dose of Phenibut was at 5 P.M. the day before, and I still felt pretty normal. In my experience, withdrawals don't really show themselves on this stuff until after 36 hours from the last dose, so no worries there.

    1 P.M. was dosing time. 8g has been my daily dose for a while, so I decided to start off a few grams lower and took 5g. A few hours and some lunch later, I started to get a familiar warmth and relaxation in my muscles. Whoops...overshot it.

    Unexpectedly, 5g was actually more than I needed, as I got an actual light high. So tomorrow I'm going to take a leap and just go with 3g. I'm expecting that I won't really feel any discomfort until a few days on a dose that low, but I'll be sure to report anything for reference here.

    Wifey's dose has been a bit lower than mine. She's been on about 6g a day, so she jumped down to 4 and got the same high I did. She says she'll likely drop down to 2 tomorrow. Hopefully that isn't too fast for us.

    Signing off on an uneventful day!

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  1. Moving Pictures
    Pregabalin and gabapentin help A LOT with phenibut withdrawals, and will help the taper. Also adding a low dose (short term) of benzos will help you speed up the taper.

    Good luck. It took me aboue a month of slowly taking less and less to get of an about 6-8 gram 4 months habit. Granted I was taking kratom, benzos, and drinking everyday...

    Good luck, this shit is a sneaky mothafucka.

    I can't believe you're still getting high after a month. For me, after like 2 weeks, no matter how much I took (I'd taken like 12-14 grams) I couldn't feel a thing. All taking it did was keep me out of withdrawals. 4 months of that. After I had kicked about 2 weeks, I noticed I had about a gram left and I took that and had a pretty nice high, even got a little "nod" (not like opies but a relaxed nod). That was about a month ago and I haven't had more since.

    I don't not plan on never taking it again but when I do it's going to be for no more than 3 days in a row and then off for 3 or 4 days.
  2. Pseudovoyager
    Thanks for the reply :) I'm not getting high anymore, the doses I'm taing are to feel "normal". Last time I was able to get a high was around when 4 grams was a good number. It literally stopped working overnight.

    I have Etiz to help out with the withdrawals, so I'm not feeling too worried now :)
  3. Moving Pictures
    The stuff is just crazy addictive physically. I did 3 days cold turkey from it and had only been using 2-4 grams a day for about 20 days and it felt like I was having withdrawals from like a 6 month heavy benzo habit.

    It feels real nice if you can get it right. But you keep trying to chase those first few days and then you're fucked.

    Hey, did it ever give you bad diarrhea? Sorry if it's tmi, but it did for me until like a couple weeks on it. That was the only side effect I had.

    But man, those first like 2 weeks, you get the best sleep you've ever had in your life. At least I did. Didn't need a pill to fall asleep and woke up feeling refreshed.
  4. Pseudovoyager
    Nope, no diarrhea here. Admittedly though, I tae Kratom everyday so, that may have balanced it out. Kratom can easily be a constipster.

    I hade no bathrrom issuies to speak of :)
  5. Pseudovoyager
    Lost a couple of days to some liberal etizolam use, so let's do a quic and dirty recap...

    Phenibut Taper: Day 2

    Woke up today with absolutely no issues and used no Phenibut at all. Nothing to speak of here. Had some etizolam to sleep & talk with the wife. Work was nothing. Very uneventful day.

    Not a single thing to say here.

    Phenibut Taper: Day 3

    Well, here it is: 48 hours with no Phenibut. Felt fine, still, likely due to the etizolam, until about 12 P.M. Some kind of strange uneasiness started to come over both my wife and I. So we decided, since we overshot so much last time, to only take 2g Phenibut apiece. By 2 P.M. and 3mg etizolam later we felt right as rain, and to be quite honest with you, today has been a better day than either of us have had in a few weeks.

    Being free of all that extra Phenibut has actually made my thinking feel more fluid, and I believe the 2g taken earlier was just enough to get rid of any withdrawals but still not feel whatsoever, even with a habit as big as 8+g per day.

    Not a whole lot else to record here as I'm short on time tonight, but tomorrow will be a nice, long entry as it's a Friday.

    Hope this is helping someone out there...until next time!!

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