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Philip Seymour Hoffman 4 arrested

By D0pe, Feb 5, 2014 | Updated: Feb 5, 2014 | | |
  1. D0pe
    Police arrested four people on drug charges in connection with the death investigation of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, police told ABC News.
    Investigators received a tip that the four suspects – three men and one woman – were dealing heroin out of a New York City apartment. Police executed search warrants in three units of a Mott Street apartment and found more than 350 bags of heroin.
    Robert Vineberg, 57, and Thomas Cushman, 48, were both charged with felony criminal possession of a controlled substance. Vineberg was also charged with criminal use of drug paraphernalia.
    Max Rosenbloom and Juliana Luchkiw, both 22, were charged with criminal use of drug paraphernalia, criminal use of controlled substance, and unlawful possession of marijuana.
    The exact connection between the arrests and Hoffman’s death is unclear – and the heroin recovered during Tuesday’s raid did not include the “Ace of Spades” labels of the drug bags found in Hoffman’s apartment.
    Police are currently testing the recovered heroin to determine the heroin’s potency and whether the drugs were laced with another substance.
    The arrests come four days after a friend found the “Capote” actor dead inside his Manhattan apartment with a syringe in his arm. Investigators recovered multiple types of drugs from Hoffman’s apartment – more than 50 bags of heroin, along with syringes, a charred spoon and various prescription medications, including a blood pressure drug and a muscle relaxant, law enforcement officials have said.
    Investigators also found the addiction-treatment drug buprenorphine, a medication used to treat addiction to heroin and other narcotics.
    Officials initially wondered if the heroin found at Hoffman’s apartment contained fentanyl, a potent synthetic morphine linked to 22 suspected overdose deaths in western Pennsylvania. While official toxicology results are forthcoming – they’ll likely be released next month – preliminary tests of the heroin showed no traces of fentanyl, NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis told ABC News.
    Hoffman’s autopsy results could also be released Wednesday.
    Investigators have determined that the “Capote” star made six ATM transactions for a total of $1,200 inside a supermarket near his home the day before his death, law enforcement officials said.
    Hoffman’s death has shaken the acting world. Adept in movies and the stage, Hoffman gained recognition in supporting roles before breaking through to stardom. Broadway theaters will dim their marquee lights at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday in his memory.

    Source: Yahoo News
    Url: http://gma.yahoo.com/police-hoffman...stigation-072907825--abc-news-topstories.html


  1. AKA_freckles
    They do this for every OD right? Not just because he was a rich white celebrity?

    Damn, you sell to celebrities, you better babysit their ass with NAX at the ready...
  2. D0pe
    No kidding right, I do not think i would like to be part of a celebrities addiction or means of getting his drugs. The fall back and risk from that would be to great of risk.

    Its because he was a celebrity period.. Otherwise the police rarely look at drug overdoses or deaths. All the ones that i have personally known who have died do not even get much more than a simple autopsy as to cause of death. Anything more than that there is no real investigation. Sure they will open a investigation but are they really going to ask every friend, family member, friend of friends, and go through there personal belonging looking for clues. No probably not....

    Just like with other celebrities... If they die it goes on the front page. If they are just a regular joe shmoe then they will get a small article in the obituary page. In rare circumstances you have a rich family that will push the media and police to look into it... And race is always a issue... If you have more money you have more popularity and if you were a famous African American celebrity then it would be the same as Mr Hoffman. They would be more willing to investigate the overdose of a white middle class suburban kid/or person than the death of some poor racially mixed guy/girl who was found dead next to a dumpster with a needle in their arm.

    The rich and popular will always be in the limelight. If such and such celebrity use's the bathroom at a McDonalds there will always be a reporter or paparazzi to cover the story. Maybe even go as far as selling a stool sample on Ebay.

    I can actually see why it might be harder to recover from a addiction if you were a celebrity and had fame. We hear a story at least once a year of a celeb overdosing. They fail to report the more important deaths and that is the Death of a larger number of people who fight the battle every day.

    The Statistics and real issues are alway not reported on. Maybe it will take a recovering heroin addict to become a popular news anchor or reporter to uncover the true story and bring it into full view of the public. In my opinion opiate addiction/heroin addiction is under reported.

    Its a disease and even cancer, aids, and obesity gets its time in the lime light of reporting. Drug addiction is always a side note and the least reported of the topic. They are more interested in enforcing laws and arresting people than giving hard hitting information and help to the public. I believe its true, I hope others do also.
  3. whatstheproblem
    no matter how you look at it, celebrity or white or a average joe, its a sad event that leaves a wake of fallout. no matter what their social status. its someone who didnt make it through the road of addiction. its just senseless and a waste of life to go out like that. i hope his family can find some sort of peace with his passing knowing that he doesnt have to suffer that road any longer
  4. D0pe
    I agree with you and it does not matter what color or status you have the result is the same. What i was talking about is the media, public, and law's view that it is only seriously recognized and important when someone important or rich die's.. If i were to die in the bathroom of a motel in Vegas of a Overdose there would not be International news and concern.

    There would be no witch hunt or the global spread of information that will possibly drive people in the right direction for harm reduction,information, and maybe more understanding and support rather than arrests, taboo and filth. There would be no publicity and my life would be summed up in a small section in the back of a paper saying i was survived by all the other people in my family that are still alive.

    Maybe my post was misinterpreted but what i was trying to convey can be summed up in exactly what i just posted in response to your quote.

    I do hope the family finds peace, answers and closure... I hope they will be able to celebrate his life and enjoy the many accomplishments that he gave all of us who knew of him. Yea the end result is all the same, But it should not take a celebrity to recognize the issues that effect addicts, As short lived as the news sensations are.
  5. whatstheproblem
    @dope. i totally agree with what your original post said. mine was just another part of it and i didnt mean to have it clash with yours. or that i disagree or disregard what you were saying. just another avenue i brought up. im sorry if it seemed like i was saying it doesnt matter about what you were saying cause you are right.

    my girlfriends friend brother recently overdosed in his apartment alone and their was no type if investigation. same with my cousin who actually had people staying in the apt when he fell asleep, never to wake up.
  6. D0pe

    There was no clash and i did not take it personally i was just conveying my thoughts in the event that someone had a selfish post that could not relate and have sympathy for addicts who suffer and the people around them. I have allot of sympathy , remorse and can relate to these situations personally.. Just that fact that you posted a explanation of why you posted you view , and also consideration of mine shows that you are someone who can really relate and have sympathy for situations like these... I run into people on here every now and then with a very narrow and biased view point. That is something that i really like to bring to light in the event that i notice somethings that might be off tilt..

    Thank you for your reply and the concern in your reply "in regards to my posting"
  7. Millie Platt
    is it almost obligatory to mention it may have been fentanyl - "a potent synthetic morphine" despite the fact these deaths occurred in two completely different locations? just wondering if they felt like throwing that in there for the sake of it, doesn't seem very relevant.

    sure, it is possible. but until a toxicology screen comes back would it be wrong to ask the journo/cops to keep the speculation to a minimum?

    very sad. i can't help but wonder, who's going to play plutarch in the next hunger games films? it's such a big franchise, they're going to have a hard time replacing him. considering the role his character plays in the latter part of the series.

    i don't really watch tv (including the news) much, i get all my shows either downloaded or on dvd so i haven't heard anything about his story.
  8. D0pe
    Hoffman will be replaced in his next films by CGI.... They will probably put some guy in a green room and CGI the heck out of him... When they finish the short part that hoffman had in the film.. You will see his CGI character and think its exactly like him.... Looking forward to trying to figure out what is the CGI hoffman and how is the real Hoffman,
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