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  1. Alfa

    'Vigilante Group Does Not Exist' - Laza

    Senior Superintendent Conrado Laza, former director of the Davao City Police Office, is adamant that there is no evidence to prove the existence of a vigilante group in the city.

    Speaking in a press briefing at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, Laza said the police never had a proof, either documentary or testimony, from confessed gunmen on the existence of an organized group behind the killings.

    "Without these two very vital documents, how can we say there's really the DDS (Davao Death Squad)," he said.

    Laza said the police can not file cases against the perpetrators in court in the absence of positive identification of the gunmen.

    He also hit back at their detractors who claimed that the police can pursue cases without evidence.

    "Those mouthing for human rights who conducted investigation, were they able to file a case? They know the reasons for the difficulty in filing appropriate charges without evidence," Laza said.

    Last week, Military Ombudsman Orlando Casimiro endorsed the preventive suspension order against former Davao City Police Office chief Sr.

    Supt. Conrado Laza, Chief Insp. Matthew Baccay, Chief Insp. Filmore Escobal, and Chief Insp. Vicente Danao Jr. to Ombudsman for Mindanao Antonio Valenzuela.

    The move was based on the recommendation of graft investigation and prosecution officer Luis E. Aquino who is investigating charges for neglect of duty and inefficiency and incompetence in the performance of their official duties.

    On Monday, the Court of Appeals issued a temporary restraining order on the suspension so the police office officers can answer the petition of the complainants.


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