Phish live at the Hollywood Bowl

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    I was able to go to the Phish concert in Hollywood California, at the Hollywood Bowl..

    I have a friend who has been to many of their shows, she and I went together for this event.

    beenthere has never heard any of their material, and didnt know what to expect.

    we got there early and walked about , Nice vibes from all of the fans.

    we got out seats and started smoking our treats that I had rolled back in the hotel. The weed filled the isle and soon we had mad some new pals.

    we smoked with our neighbors , talked , and just took in the ambiance.

    Soon the music was starting , and from the first few notes I was sold.

    my date and I danced in the isle along with another lady that was seated next to me.

    totaly feeling fine and full of wine, the band rocked, the first set was getting close to ending,

    so we decided to make a bathroom run, and re-up on our drinks, I ordered two imported beers, one for each hand , she went for more vino.

    we some how got separated and the night was setting in, I found myself unable to find her or our seats, so I went and started to mingle about , talking to people and blazing them up with my stash of smoke.

    soon the band started up for the next set, so the people I was partying with invited me up to sit with them.

    so then I smoked with the folks in that section .
    as the show continued, I was passing around fat joints, and as a thank you to me from a guy who was happy that some pot was being smoked , asked me if I was wanting some shrooms.

    I was like shrooms? fuck yeah I would love some.

    he was like okay here, and opened a bag and handed me a nice handfull of caps and stems.
    they were more white than I am used to seeing, but as soon as I put them in my mouth I knew this was the real deal.

    I thank him and soon decided to go and look for my date,

    I think it was about 30 -40 mins later when the shrooms started to work.
    I was still looking around for the girl that I had lost , but it was not easy to see and then things started to move , and I wasnt walking normal any longer, my steps were high and staggered.

    at one point I fell into a bunch of people , hitting my head on someone elses head, the people were nice about it , and just asked me to keep going.

    I fucking was soo high that I found myself laughing at things and seeing patterns that were not there.
    tripping balls I wasnt going to walk any futher looking for her, she and I had already made a plan to meet back at the room in case we did get separated.

    the show ended and I started the journey to the hotel , about 2 miles away.

    along the route back , street vendors were all about and they had glow sticks and neon lights flashing and waving , causing quite a visual storm of tracers, I was walking thru the maze of lights, using my arms to help balance me and high stepping to keep from stepping on all the giant ants that I thought I kept seeing , my high was peeking as I walk past the hollywood high school, which has a lot of trees along the path, i was feeling like I was in the enchanted forest.

    I get to the hotel and couldnt get the elevator to work , I was getting fustrated with the thing, so I asked the securtity guard to show me how to work it, still after a few minutes of trying it again, I wasnt going anywhere, and felt trapped. then I see my girl coming up the steps to the hotel and the weight of the world was lifted.

    she and I spent the rest of the night eating drinkin smoking and enjoying the room.

    she asked me if I wanted some landing gear, I was like what are you talking about, she pulled from her purse 10 mg blue valiums, she said these will be good to help land me , so that we could sleep and be ready to start the party back up in the morning.

    the morning came and that is the start of another chapter to this story, one I will have to wait to tell, hand cramps now from the typing.

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  1. Mindless
    Very funny and entertaining. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  2. beentheredonethatagain
    thanks midless, part two is a little less funny but the entertainment picks up
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