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  1. Guttz
    Three drug dealers who sold crack cocaine and heroin in Rochdale have been jailed. Mohammed Yaqoob, 47, Abdul Jabar Khan, 23, and Albert Parker, 50, ran a simple ordering system using mobile phone numbers handed out to drug users.

    Addicts would call or text the number to place an order and a meeting would be arranged.

    On Friday the trio were jailed after being found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

    Yaqoob, of Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, was sentenced to 11 years; Parker, also of Yorkshire Street, received a seven and a half year sentence; and Khan of Leamington Street, Falinge, was jailed for six years.

    Bolton Crown Court heard how the person answering the phone would contact the dealer who then met with the customer at a pre-arranged place.

    The person with the phone never came into contact with any drugs or customers, but simply arranged the distribution of them.

    Yaqoob, who operated under the name of 'Yak', used this method to deal Class A drugs in Rochdale with Khan and Parker.

    Police examined a large amount of telephone data, which uncovered a number of text messages relating to the supply of drugs, many addressed to 'Yak'.

    Search warrants were carried out at Yorkshire Street and a large amount of cocaine and heroin was seized.

    On June 30, 2008, a house on Taylor Street was searched after officers found out users had bought drugs from there.

    It was discovered Parker was in charge of the house and officers found Class A drugs in the house and loft.

    On August 5, 2008, officers went to Duke Street where Khan was then living. While officers were at the address, a mobile phone was constantly ringing.

    As one officer went to turn off the phone, it was inadvertently answered and put on speakerphone. A woman was then heard to ask for drugs and arrange a meeting place.

    Officers searched the house and found small amounts of crack cocaine and heroin.

    Detective Constable Claire Rawcliffe of Rochdale CID said: "Drugs have a massive impact on communities especially when users turn to crime to feed their habit.

    "Yaqoob, Parker and Khan tried to exploit the demand from drug users in Rochdale and peddled crack cocaine and heroin in the area since 2006.

    "We have not only managed to remove large quantities of drugs from the streets but we are also one step closer to trying to eradicate the sale and use of drugs in the area."

    December 14, 2010


  1. Springtime
    The journo here seems to have been struck by the novelty of drug dealers who work by taking phone calls from customers and then arranging meetings to do the deals. I wonder if it is the first drug-dealing court case he has covered :laugh:

    This bit was interesting:
    ...just in case anyone is tempted to believe that the gentlemen of the constabulary are above dirty tricks and rule-bending.
  2. mickey_bee
    I bet.........whoops, I meant to turn it off! Swim knows a person who used to deal drugs, and once he was jumped on by police, to be taken down to the station for a strip search, as they believed they had enough evdence by this point. As he was in the car his phone kept ringing and ringing with customers, and one of the policeman in the car said, 'oooooooohh the addicts are hungry for their drugs this morning aren't they?'

    Fortunately, they found nothing, despite knocking through his door a further 2 or 3 times, and jumping on him again.

    He's now no longer an addict, and hasn't sold or used hard drugs in about 8 months!

    Just thinking though, if he had been caught, he would have got a minimum 4 year sentence, he would have definetly lost his girlfriend, (who swim thinks he might be engaged to now), he would have come into contact with more dealers and assorted contacts to further his career of crime, and thus his chances of returning to normal, 'tax-paying' society,(which he's now a part of), when he was released, would have been greatly diminished...

    Not proposing an alternative, just thinking, sorry if going slightly off topic.
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