Pictured: The face of modern cocaine Britain

By Lunar Loops · May 24, 2008 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Must be a slow news day...this from the Daily Mail (UK):

    Pictured: The face of modern cocaine Britain

    By Simon Cable
    Last updated at 1:34 PM on 24th May 2008

    While it appears to be a staple part of the celebrity lifestyle for many pop-stars and models, it is still something you don't expect to see in public.

    But now it appears the care-free attitude to drug abuse of the showbusiness industry is being replicated by ordinary members of the public.

    These shocking pictures appear to reveal party-goers snorting line after line of cocaine, unaware they are in full view of a busy London street.

    [picture is attachment]
    Shock: A man appears to be snorting cocaine on the windowsill of the Audley pub in London

    Onlookers watched on with disgust as a succession of suited men appeared at a pub window sill to seemingly consume the illegal substance.

    They were caught out at the pub which was the venue for a party following the Ivor Novello Awards on Thursday, attended by a host of music industry bosses and stars.

    Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, and Brit Award winner Mika were several of those who joined by record label workers at The Audley in Mayfair after the glitzy ceremony had ended.

    As crowds spilled out onto the street, they were shocked to look up and see the spectacle taking place at a first floor in broad daylight.

    The prestigious annual ceremony is named after the Welsh composer, singer and actor, who became one of the most popular entertainers of the 20th century.

    Amy Winehouse, Take That and Phil Collins were among those honoured at the ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair.

    [picture is attachment]
    Lily Allen enjoys a drink outside The Audley where people were apparently seen taking cocaine in the pub

    While most of the stars chose to forego the celebrations, a handful chose to continue the festivities at the bar along with members of the public.

    A member of staff who was working during the party said a number of people had been removed from the premises after they were caught taking illegal substances.

    "We try and stop it happening, but when it gets busy and there are hundreds of people inside, it is not always easy," they said.

    "It is hard to check and people will always find a way to do drugs inside. On Thursday, the bar was full and there were crowds on the street. We did have complaints from people outside who said they could see what was happening.

    "Security threw customers out of the bar who were caught doing cocaine, but we did not check to see if there was anyone famous."

    The pictures come only days after singer Amy Winehouse was cleared over an internet video showing her apparently smoking a crack pipe.

    Officers seized footage of the 24-year-old apparently taking drugs but could not convict her because of a lack of evidence.

    [picture is attachment]
    The toilet in The Audley where people were thought to be taking cocaine

    In a seperate video, 19-year-old Peaches Geldof was also filmed appearing to hand over money to buy cocaine and claiming she would need to take Valium.

    Only two years ago, supermodel Kate Moss similarly escaped any charge over images reportedly capturing the star snorting the deadly drug in a recording studio.

    Pete Doherty has also been filmed injecting heroin. The footage was seen by millions of fans after being posted on popular internet website YouTube.

    A spokesman for The Audley in Mayfair said the pub's management did not tolerate drug use: "The Audley has a strict anti-drugs policy and does not tolerate drug taking on its premises.

    "When this matter was brought to our attention we took immediate action and ejected those concerned. The pub has a strong reputation and would like to stress that this was an isolated incident."

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  1. aerozeppelin123
    Lol so basically their story is: some people took some cocaine in a pub. Unheard of.
  2. lulz

  3. Expat98
    And of course they also included a picture of the toilet "where people were thought to be taking cocaine." Must have been a slow news day indeed. [​IMG]
  4. adictive_n

    how much will it cost for me to take a pic of ANY toilet and sell them to the news like "yeah in THIS toilet people take cocaine..."
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