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Pill Covered In Needles Injects You With Drugs From Inside Your Gut

By Basoodler, Oct 3, 2014 | | |
  1. Basoodler
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    People who dread the sharp stab of an injection at the doctor's office may be in luck. A team of researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a capsule coated in needles for patients to swallow, enabling the delivery of drugs directly into the stomach lining.

    The prickly pill is meant to overcome a significant obstacle to drug delivery. Medicines made from large protein molecules usually cannot be packaged as pills, because the digestive system would break them down, just like it does to the protein in food. This innovation could allow doctors to more efficiently dose patients with large antibodies -- such as those used in cancer treatment -- vaccines, and other drugs, which would normally have to be injected under the skin.

    According to a press release, the model pills were used in trials to deliver insulin to pigs. Made of stainless steel, the pills contain a pool of insulin in the center and hollow needles on the outside, which pump insulin into the stomach, intestines, and colon over the course of a week. The capsules are as big around as a shirt button and about as long as a thumbnail, making them about the size of a large vitamin.

    And fear not for the mouth and throat. The pill goes down coated in a material that dissolves in stomach acid, sparing sensitive inner flesh from getting pricked. When the researchers opened up the pigs after the trials, they found no internal damage. However, they do hope to move toward sugar-based needles in future models to reduce the risk of injury even further.

    Saving skin from the painful jabs of a syringe -- while worthwhile in and of itself -- is not the only goal of the invention. Injection is an effective but imperfect means of drug delivery. The human body does not always absorb large molecules from drug injections, but in the pig experiments, the insulin in the capsule had a greater effect than insulin shot under the skin, potentially improving upon this issue.

    The researchers say the next step is to refine the device so that inner muscles can squeeze out its contents like a tube of toothpaste -- allowing for more control over timing.

    By Rafi Letzter, popsci.com



  1. chupamivergaguey
    It looks like one of those things people post on Facebook all the time that African women are supposed to comfortably wear inside their jayjays and then, when they get raped (which I guess is inevitable in Africa, according to the sheltered white people sharing the post), spines in the device lodge into the rapist's penis and catch it in a mousetrap sort of thing. Supposedly the rapist has to go to a doctor to get it removed from his penis. And because the rapist is so relieved when it's over, he decides not to seek retribution -- at least the people who keep posting it don't seem to mention that. You know what I'm talking about?

    Well, the stomach-rig looks similar.
  2. Basoodler
    I'd rather just get a traditional shot

    I know this isn't specifically related to recreational drug use. I shared the story because it is bazaar, interesting, and from popular science. Which gives it some credence.

    Although I would feel better if it were satire.. Hell I could see it used as a form of retribution for drug addiction in a SAW movie
  3. D0pe
    It looks like one of those Anti Rape Devices XXXSmall.... That was the first thing that came to mind.. **Shudders** Like the above user said..

    This article caught my eye because of the picture represented.. I would not like a pill that injects the inside of me.. ""Shudders also""
  4. marathonmel7
    The fact that they tested this on pigs makes me sick. Enough said.
  5. tatittle

    A vaginal mousetrap...or rattrap may be more applicable. That is hilarious on one level and downright depressing on another.

    The needle-pill is just the thing for my ulcers! The lengths spoiled Americans will go to avoid even the most minor and occasional discomfort LOL! I imagine this would largely be given to kids, which without decades of research is even more questionable. If Johnny cant handle a pinprick once every 3 years how is he going to survive a demanding job or maintain a marriage? Oh wait....it will help Johnny's self esteem, so all good. :) I wonder what else will get into the bloodstream etc when the pill starts poking holes in the stomach?
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