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Pilot hospitalized after swallowing 62 bags of cocaine to smuggle it into US

  1. ZenobiaSky
    A commercial air pilot was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after a smuggled balloon of cocaine burst in his stomach during a 5-hour flight.

    Pilot Stanley Rafael Hill of McKinney, Texas was a passenger on the flight from Colombia to Houston and had to call 911 right after he landed and checked into a hotel.

    The 49-year-old was still recovering at Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital on Tuesday, passing the rest of the cocaine bags.

    According to Click 2 Houston, Hill ingested a total of 62 bags of cocaine packaged with rubber gloves.

    Smuggling the drugs may have been easier since pilots are not subject to the same cavity checks as regular passengers.

    A source close to the investigation told the new station that one of the bags exploded in Hill's stomach during the flight, but he was only able to call for help once he landed.

    He has been charged with felony possession of drugs with intent to deliver, and police have been barricading him in his room at the hospital.

    It's unclear what airline Hill was flying, or which carrier he works for. He is licensed to fly 737s.

    Bond has been set at $500,000.

    PUBLISHED: 20:02 EST, 27 May 2014 | UPDATED: 20:06 EST, 27 May 2014
    Daily Mail

    The Newhawks Crew


  1. MikePatton
    Re: Pilot hospitalized after he swallowed 64 bags of cocaine and tried to smuggle it

    "Smuggling the drugs may have been easier since pilots are not subject to the same cavity checks as regular passengers."

    Does that mean EVERYONE who flies from Columbia to the US is subject to rectal search?
  2. D0pe
    I was wondering the same things... Do they have the right to give a person a random cavity search at any and all times without being suspect.

    You would think the TSA body scanners would be enough.. Plus swallow some bags of cocaine a cavity search might not reveal the drugs.

    Im curious to know if the TSA body scanners can detect drugs inside ones stomach or colon ?

    Also if he got caught this time.. I wonder how many times he actually made it with the drugs in his stomach.
  3. sweetbebe
    It seems to say he was a passenger on the plane. So, just because he was a pilot at his job, but not actually piloting that particular plane, that means he didn't get a cavity search? This is kind of confusing. And I really hope they don't search all passenger's cavities before getting on a plane to the US, but at the same time, I wouldn't put anything past them.
  4. MikePatton
    I don't know abot the TSA, But I watched like 100 hours of 'Border control', which is a reality show that documents the airport in Australia, and they never ever do a cavity search. If they really suspect after a long interrogation that someone is carrying drugs internally, they take him to a hospital for a scan. I'd rather go through that x-Ray personally. I think reaction from sniffer dogs could definitely get your rectum inspected.
  5. ZenobiaSky
    Well whats interesting is that whether or not he was subject to a cavity search because he was a pilot, is a little irrelevant since he didn't have them shoved up into a cavity, but rather had swallowed them all. I'm not sure many people could handle that many balloons shoved up your "cavity" for that long without the urge to um.. bear down shall we say.
  6. D0pe
    I dunno i have had tobacco in a unspoken cavity for about 23 hours... In a maxium security prison tobacco was a luxury good and worth its weight in silver.. So i would say that it was a 23 hour period well spent..
    I suppose i depends on how regular you are..

    And yea i would love to watch those border patrol shows.. Maybe i will record some..
    I currently enjoy watching 3 episodes a week of Locked up Abroad.. That is a pretty intersting show,
    Makes a person realize that they can get whipped, thrown in jail, beat up and flogged just for showing a simple friendly american hand gesture.
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