Pilot who killed himself and 13-year-old boy in plane crash was high on Ecstasy

By PingoTango · Jul 12, 2008 · ·
  1. PingoTango

    It dosen't say how much the guy had taken, but implies that it was more than 125mg... Pretty irresponsible to take a 13 year old out in a plane after taking MDMA.

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  1. sjmar86
    Extremely irresponsible. These are reasons drugs get banned. People do irresponsibly and endanger other peoples lives and everyone blames the drug just as much as the person. Same thing with Gun Control!
  2. entheogensmurf
    Perhaps it'd be enjoyable to fly whilst under MDMA but as a passenger and not the pilot :)

    I still fail to see why any rational person would consider MDMA bad if they read this article. Not to say for one moment I can't easily imagine someone trying to use this is as an example why MDMA should be illegal -- but then not making the same claims about alcohol related deaths.

    Quite obviously, I abhor people who are under the effects of any drug and there's a decent chance it may harm another person.
    Thank goodness my friends seem to have a built in no-driving policy even after just a few drinks.

    And lastly, my condolences to the family (not that they'll read this).
  3. Greenport

    irresponsible. They're now news and statistics.
  4. Panthers007
    Irresponsible is the word for it. To quote John Holmes - former director of the ACLU Drug Task-Force when referring to drugs and drink and driving a car: "I don't care if you've been drinking, smoking pot, or just had a fight with your wife. If you can't make 10,000 in Pac-Man - I don't want you on the road!"
  5. Nature Boy
    What a stupid little article. Devout Christian who's never been drunk turns out to be a devil-worshipping, ecstasy-dropping, boy-killing plane-crasher.
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