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Pinal County says operation recovers pot and guns

  1. Mick Mouse
    VEKOL VALLEY, Arizona-Pinal County authorities say a multi-agency operation has recovered 3200 pounds of marijuana worth $2.5 million from the Vekol Valley and Silver Bell mountain areas near Arizona City.

    The Pinal County Sheriffs Office said Wednesday that several law enforcement agencies were involved during the four day operation in an attempt to dismantle drug smuggling operations in central Arizona.

    Along with the pot, authorities say they recovered seven stolen vehicles, 12 firearms, and made 102 arrests last week.

    In December, state police and other agencies raided the Vekol Valley and recovered 3,000 pounds of marijuana and took 45 people into custody.

    Vekol Valley is between Casa Grande and Gila Bend.

    The Denver Post
    The Associated Press


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