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Plan to give drug addicts electrotherapy

By Lunar Loops, Jun 17, 2006 | | |
  1. Lunar Loops
    Hmmm, not at all sure this would be a step forward...next they'll be talking about the benefits of lobotomy. This from the Scotsman (http://news.scotsman.com/health.cfm?id=889592006) :

    Plan to give drug addicts electrotherapy

    DRUG addicts would be given electrotherapy to help them kick the habit, under new plans being considered by the Scottish Executive.
    The controversial treatment sends electric pulses through the skull to help stabilise the brain after quitting "cold turkey" and help to control the body's cravings.
    One patient who underwent a five-day course of neuro-electric treatment has since been drug free.
    Jack McConnell, the First Minister, is reportedly so impressed with the anecdotal evidence, that he has asked Scotland's Chief Medical Officer to look into the issue.
    David Liddell, director of the Scottish Drugs Forum, welcomed a controlled study but warned against seeing the new treatments as a "magic bullet".


  1. Micklemouse
    Please do not confuse Electro-Stimulation Therapy (EST) with Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT). EST has been used for treatment of everything from arthritis to migraines for some time, & I'm aware of at least one addiction unit South of the border that has been using it with some success for some time. EST uses tiny bursts of electricity & is completely harmless, whereas ECT is used as a last resort in severely depressed psychiatric patients, uses enough electricity to induce an epileptic seizure (under general anaesthetic, & with muscle relaxants), & can have some severe side effects if over-prescribed, or if the patient is unlucky.
  2. Micklemouse
    Also known as Neuro-Electric Therapy apparently...

    From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/5084126.stm?ls

  3. Lunar Loops
    Schoolboy error on my part there. Thank you for pointing that out. Teach me to go reading and posting in a rush.......sack cloth and ashes already donned and a severe session of self-flaggalation planned....no hang on a minute...punishment, yes punishment........
  4. illuminati boy
    Being a student of all tools of consciousness alteration, SWIIB happens to have a Cranial-Electro Stimulation (CES) device. SWIIB reports it is a fun toy and in no way painful unless you really crank the voltage up. Similar devices have apparently been used in some countries for years to treat addictive disorders (overeating, drug dependence, etc.). The theory is roughly that the stimulation causes an increase in the production (release?) of various neurotransmitters and will reduce the need for alternate methods of stimulating neurotransmitters. Both the voltages and methods are very different from ECT. Just be careful if you start getting wacky about mixing psychotropics and CES… or you might just end up with strange book on your hands.

    I B
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