Playboy Playmate charged with trafficking cocaine

By Beeker · Apr 28, 2007 · ·
  1. Beeker
    CHARLESTON — A woman who was the December 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Month and a personal trainer have been charged with trafficking cocaine after police say maids discovered a kilo of the drug in their hotel room.


    Kia Terrell Drayton, 24, and Otis Leon Story, 33, both of Atlanta were arrested as they left their room at the Residence Inn near North Charleston Coliseum on Wednesday morning, according to arrest warrants.

    Both also are charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

    Their bail was set at $2.2 million each and they remained in jail Thursday night.

    Drayton identified herself as a Playboy employee during her hearing.
    According to police reports, housekeeping staff started cleaning Drayton’s room thinking she had checked out. They discovered a black gym bag left on top of a hotel safe and found a brick-shaped package wrapped in duct tape inside the safe. According to police reports, the staff called officers after unwrapping the package and finding a powdery white substance.


    Police watched the room and when Story left the room with a black bag, officers stopped him and found the brick that had been in the safe, according to affidavits supporting the arrest warrants.

    Police say when they searched the gold Cadillac Escalade Drayton was driving, they found two handguns, a .40-caliber Glock 22 and a .357-caliber Glock 32. Police said they seized 1,138 grams of cocaine.


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  1. rod
    I guess its true, pretty nacked girls do prefer glock`s
  2. Nagognog2
    They'll make an example of her. As a Playboy Nekkid-Girlie, she's a social-icon like a school-teacher or a librarian! Our society is crumbing down from the best of the top down! <SHRIEK!>
  3. fnord
    i was waiting for your coment on this bongo...

    i wonder what had more plastic in it?the guy/girl or the glock?
  4. Alicia
    Swia would say the girl, any pistol that fires a 357 round would have to have some heavy duty material to support it.
  5. fnord
    drugs guns and nakid woman,reminds swim of his you guys think sahe was going to sell the coke?why would you need to dot hat for money when your a playmate and a personal trainor?im sure she was paid alot of money by rich guys that want to be able to say they have a playmate for a personal trainer!

    alicia: glocks contain alot of plastic
  6. Alicia

    Off topic, oh they do. but im sure the chamber and inner barrel is not made of plastic. specially if its firing a 357. round.

    chamber explosions otherwise, reminds swia of amateurs setting up a blank firing handgun to take live rounds.
  7. zera
    This thread is worthless without pics...
  8. Sitbcknchill
    :cool: :D

    Very hot coke dealer indeed.....a little better looking when shes all decked out in makeup though rather than her police photos...haha

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