Playing with fire

By LuckyMe · Apr 30, 2010 · ·
  1. LuckyMe
    I used to know this girl (a friend of a friend) who statistically speaking, never really had a chance. I will spare you all the gorey (sp?) Mom had her at 15, was addicted to cocaine and an alcoholic that had 4 more kids with a few different men and never really loved or took care of them. OK I guess she did love them in her own way but she sure had a funny way of showing it. Her father was in prison her whole life (she is 26 and he just now got out) and she didn't have any communication with him until she was 21 years old.

    While this girl has made some questionable choices and may not have reached her full potential, she did pretty good with what she had to work with. She's got some issues, sure, who doesn't? But she handles them well.

    For a long time this girl was very against drugs of any kind just because of the effect they had on her life. The most partying she did was having a few drinks. And she didn't even start drinking until she was 19 or 20...

    As she got further and further from her childhood and the bad memories the pain faded she started to relax a little bit. In the last couple of years she has done some experimenting of her own and has had a really good time doing it. She keeps it under control for the most part, but sometimes she scares herself, because she really likes the way she feels on uppers and she starts having flashes of what could happen if she is not careful. Sometimes she thinks she would've been better off leaving well enough alone and never going there, then she tells herself to do that would have given all that pain she has overcome a place in her life. She even talked to her therapist about it and he assured her that she is not her mother, she has proven that by now. By her age her mother was a good 10 years into a downward spiral that has no end.

    I know she will be ok, she has always taken care of business when it came down to it, but I worry about this girl. She is walking a fine line and I don't want to see her end up on the wrong side of it...

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  1. onzero
    You're absolutely right when it's a fine line, and once you get close to it, you either stop or go over.
  2. fatal
    i hope your friend is ok.:vibes:
  3. LuckyMe
    She's great, just thinks too much :)
  4. Suboxer
    It's a fine line, and, I echo the above poster in a way: with uppers, when you can see the fine line, you either jerk back or plunge over head-first.

    The road of opioids is a little bit different. It's a road, that once you turn on to, has no U-turns, and only two turn-offs - methadone and Suboxone - and methadone and Suboxone each have five hundred turn-offs back on to the main road. It's a road that's walked one way.
  5. nibbloid
    ^ Ibogaine is a substance that has potential as an anti-addictive agent for opioids, alcohol, and cocaine. I assume since it is a powerful psychedelic, that the experience is amazingly intense and life-changing. Hopefully, in a positive way. It's not for everybody though, as the intensity, duration and physical side-effects result in a babysitter being necessary for many hours.
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