Poem I wrote when I was on drugs

By Scloud90 · May 14, 2015 ·
  1. Scloud90
    Giving in feels like an answer
    To a question I wont ponder

    Why do I go back to what I know.
    There's always uncertainties where I go.

    a path of regret is where I am
    im not turning back
    despite knowing what's at the end.

    It's easy to destroy myself
    I seem to know how to fool myself
    no one seems to know the pain felt
    from being good at defeating oneself

    I can't break a single soul
    Not even my own, it's already been sold

    it's trying to get me to end it all.
    Tricking me into loss of control.

    Im Getting closer to the end
    It stops me at deaths door
    If only to spite me
    Ill forever be at a line.

    A Lust for death, but scared of the end.
    Maybe I'm just trying to feel the edge.

    I wrote this on meth, I'm not sure if it's a poem a song or just a story. It's not one of my best writings as far as how many people can relate or get something out of it as its obviously a bit one themed. I never thought I'd post something like this but I still don't intend to post any music I've written yet that I plan to use. You may notice a few lines similar to something I posted in the haiku thread, yes they're the same.

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