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Police apologize after mistaking skinny man for a drug addict

  1. Basoodler
    Police in Xichang, Sichuan Province issued a formal apology amid public outrage after they wrongly detained a man on August 24 because he looked like a drug addict.

    Li Yong (pseudonym) was shopping on the street when he was suddenly accosted by several plain clothes policemen, dragged into a public toilet and forced to submit to a urine test before he was handcuffed and taken to the police station, reported the West China City Daily on August 30.

    Li was released about two hours later after the test showed he was clean without an immediate apology from the authorities, said the paper.

    The case triggered public outrage after Li's daughter posted her father's experience online.

    "Now skinny people have to be careful when walking on the street," commented a Net user.

    A Xichang Public Security Bureau spokesman explained that the arrest was made by young and inexperienced officers on patrol during a recent crackdown on drug-related crimes in the area.

    Li and family members said they were satisfied with the police apology and did not make claims for damages.



  1. HarmRedThera
    Ha! That would never work in the US or Mexico. We're all fat here.
  2. SB1981
    There was no evidence, so how in the hell can the police just forcefully arrest him without any proof?
  3. Basoodler
    It is in china, which I am sure has an entirely diff style.. I may be off base, but I think they are on the "dictator rule" step of creating communism. Which probably includes limited civil rights.. the process is something like.

    1) class war (poor vs rich)
    2) the poor won
    3) get rid of the wealthy, business owners
    4) all private profitable land is seized,, capitalism is purged
    5) opressive rule / dictator rule
    6) socialism
    7) communism

    Lol china is on #5.. Hell I dont.know if anyone has passed #5

    there arw some odd philosophies concerning the dictator step.. I think oppressive rule is predicted piss the people off. Forcing the.dictator out and starting socialism the.communism with no central government

    Hell polpot tried to put this process on fast forward.. he had everyone with money or an education.. Including all of the doctors and nures.. Next he forced everyone out of the cities and made them march for days only to become a.farmer/slave

    Stalin had an issue with ukranian farmers not giving up their farms. He let them grow, crops,.but kept the grain behind fences.. He starved and killed many many people, some historians say over a million people died

    Mao in china is said to have killed more.. No way to prove it

    Theoretically those cops could have been opressing this dude for the geater good of communism/ utopian society..
  4. Basoodler
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