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Police are Getting X-Ray Guns To Detect Drugs and Guns in Your Car

  1. Rob Cypher
    In the not so distant future, revenue collecting state enforcers will have the ability to see into your entire vehicle using a miniature x-ray gun. The gun is specifically designed to recognize guns and drugs, so police can have an easier time finding nonviolent offenders to put behind bars.

    The device is being developed by an organization called the “American Science & Engineering Company”. The device has no official name but has been called the “Mini Z system” by those who are developing it.

    The company has been working to develop this technology for over 7 years. The most difficult part about the creation of this weapon was scaling their x ray technology down to a handheld size.

    Ironically, pro-police and pro-military blog “Defense One” pointed out that officers did not even need to be literate to operate this device.

    AS&E CEO Chuck Dougherty told reporters that the Mini Z system is “a game-changer for law enforcement and border security officials who are constantly challenged to quickly and accurately detect potential threats in hard-to-reach environments.”

    Unfortunately the majority of people who are targeted with programs like this are actually nonviolent people who are not criminals. They do not deserve to be put in cages, and they do not deserve any fines.

    For now, the only good news is that at its current state, this technology can only detect objects a few feet away from the sensor, meaning that officers may have to get a warrant in some situations. However, it is likely that as this technology becomes more advanced, its power and reach will continue to grow.

    According to some sources, the device could cost as much as $50,000.

    John Vibes
    The Free Thought Project
    July 1, 2014



  1. Name goes here
    That is a great invention...after they get a warrant. Just because the LEO isn't physically ripping apart a car to look through it doesn't change the fact it's being used as a search tool. Drug dogs use the open air policy to give police probable cause, which I don't agree with, but it's been allowed by the courts. This is no different then opening up a vehicle to look in, a warrant should be mandatory.
  2. Alfa
    That sounds like a health risk.
  3. ZenobiaSky
    What people don't know, is the little kept secret Nebraska has kept for many years, which is the use of these x ray machines, it is these machines that they have been attempting to scale down to a hand sized machine. The biggest fault so far is they are not nearly as accurate as the bigger machines.

    For example, the machines used in the Museum Arch which crosses I-80 at Kearney, NE (leading to numerous huge busts on I-80 including the previous article I posted about "Trooper makes million dollar coke bust) can determine to such degree as not only concealed packages, but even to some degree, what those concealed packages contain. Now of course you will not find any info online about this, nor can I divulge my sources.

    With the hand held machines, unless you are carrying weight, they can't detect much of anything. So I do believe the comment of
    is absolutely false, the only type of people these handhelds "x-ray" machines are capable of catching are maybe nonviolent, but far from the non criminal types, but more like those types that are trafficking drugs through the US. It's not like these machines are capable of busting the average joe leaving Colorado with a little "recreational marijuana".
  4. slightly_crazy
    Can anyone else say rights violation. what ever happened to privacy. Im a very open person, but i still like my privacy...if you pull me over because i have a taillight out, its none of your business if i just bought my kids squirt guns...
  5. Openmymind
    I bet a lot of them will be perverts and look through womens clothes with it , or find a way to abuse in such a manor.

    They're still humans, humans will abuse something given the chance. Or atleast a percentage of them will, not all , hopefully.

    And god knows what else. imagine having things not even drug related in your car being seen ? and the risk that x-rays may cause cancer is just the icing on the cake.

    Just plain awful. This shouldn't be something that is commonly allowed.
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    With an X-Ray gun? You don't say?
  7. kumar420
    Fairly sure using an x ray to perv would be useless, unless you get turned on by good bone structure.
    Thank god I don't live in the us. Your government takes 'nanny state' and combines it with police state, a very scary combo
  8. Roll
    "Land of the free, home of the brave" as we 'Mericans say. :rolleyes:
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