Police arrest felon with marijuana growing operation

By jholmes800 · Dec 11, 2006 · ·
  1. jholmes800
    SALT LAKE CITY -- A neighbor complaining about suspicious activity at a Salt Lake City home led police to a large-scale marijuana growing operation Friday.
    A neighbor complaining about "short term vehicular traffic" prompted the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office to set up surveillance on a home near downtown, said Sgt. Kevin Matthews.
    The SWAT team was called in to execute the search warrant because the man who owned the home was a convicted felon.
    He was convicted of accessory after the fact in a murder about 20 years ago in Wyoming, according to the Sheriff's office.
    Authorities found about 80 mature marijuana plants and a sophisticated growing system inside the home, Matthews said.
    The street value of the plants confiscated was about $100,000, he said.
    John Scott Beverleigh, 52, and Angela Rekoutis, 28, were arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on charges of manufacture of a controlled substance. Beverleigh also could face federal firearms charges because ammunition was found in the home and he has a criminal record, Matthews said.


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  1. Nagognog2
    Much to the delight of the authorities - church and otherwise - in Utah, I only ask this: Why the Dickens would ANYONE even consider growing pot in Utah?? Why?? You can't even smoke a cigarette in a car most places! Utah is a fascist Mormon church-state.

    Would the last free-thinker to leave Utah please shut off the lights.
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