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Police arrest Rome gang over gay drug robberies

  1. Guttz
    Italian police have arrested a gang in Rome for allegedly drugging and robbing at least 50 tourists outside a gay bar.

    The gang was arrested after one of its alleged victims was found dead in Colle Oppio park.

    American tourist Kelly Cullen, 56, died of a heart attack but police said it was likely he had a fatal allergic reaction to benzodiazepine, which the gang is said to have used on its victims.

    Two Romanian men and one Egyptian man were arrested by police. They were said to have been offering drugged wine to tourists outside a bar called Coming Out.

    Police say that the gang would take their drugged victims to the nearby park and strip them of their possessions.

    It is believed that 25 Americans were robbed, plus victims from Spain, Britain, Sweden and Germany.

    The three were arrested after a tip-off from bar staff.

    13 December 2010, 3:36pm


  1. bubbly nubs
    I'm not homosexual, but am a little offended that whoever wrote this thought it was even relevant to put "gay drug robbery".... Seriously, why is it relevant?
  2. godztear
    It is entirely relevant to the article as in the location of where the robbery initiative occurred, which would be outside the door of a gay bar involving drugs.
  3. Potter
    Well it's a group being targeted specifically and the group should be aware they are being targeted.

    The fact is, these sorts of robberies, where someone is drugged by gang and attacked upon leaving, are usually pretty systematic. Frankly I've seen a lot more of these stories related to gay bars the not.
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