Police arrest three people found with marijuana and (2c-b) "unusual hallucinogen"

By Terrapinzflyer · Nov 17, 2009 · Updated Nov 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Police arrest three people found with marijuana and "unusual hallucinogen"

    Oregon State Police arrested three people after a Monday morning traffic stop in which authorities discovered marijuana and more than 1,000 tablets of an Ecstasy-like "club drug" in the car trunk.

    A senior trooper stopped the driver of a 1994 Honda Accord for an unlawful lane change violation as the car headed north on Interstate 5 near Ashland, Oregon State Police said.

    After further investigation, police found about 1,030 tablets of 2C-B, "an unusual hallucinogen" that sells for $10 to $30 a pill. In addition, police said they found 10 pounds of marijuana in the trunk and 10 starter marijuana plants in the car's passenger compartment.

    The estimated value of the seized 2C-B is $10,000 to $30,000. The marijuana has an estimated value of $25,000.

    Police arrested the three occupants on drug possession and distribution accusations. They are: driver, Peter David Kriesberg, 34, of Santa Cruz, Calif.; and passengers Dustin William White, 28, and Amy R. Villastringham, 24, both from Seattle.

    The investigation is continuing.


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  1. Abrad
    The picture shows pills...
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    :s I'll be damned- your right. Hadn't actually looked at the enlarged image. from the small image in the original story it looked like some form of blotter to me- guess thats where my heads been today... :s
  3. Vesey Marx
    Sucks to be those guys... What a shame.
  4. lewk
    More attention put on research chemicals. One step closer to getting the whole 2c family scheduled :(
  5. old hippie 56
    Hadn't heard of a 2CB seizure in a very long time. Feel sorry for them fellows getting caught with that much of a Sch. I drug...
  6. EscapeDummy
    Jeez, and just for an illegal lane change? That's rough.
  7. bcubed
    "Illegal lane change"="The cops had these guys in their sights already and were looking for probable cause to pull over."

    I could be wrong, maybe they just had the bad luck to run into the "turn signal Nazi" trooper, but I doubt it...
  8. Greenport
    I agree with bcubed on that one.

    Haven't you ever seen DEA on Spike TV? When they have reasonable suspicion on somebody what they do is follow them and have a cop pull them over. When they do, they get searched and usually caught, unless of course they're innocent or smart ;)

    There's no way it was truly a routine traffic stop.
  9. Terrapinzflyer
    @ Bcubed and Greenport- the turtles not so sure. The I-5 corridor is considered a MAJOR smuggling route, drugs from mexico flowing north and drugs from BC flowing south- and massive amounts of cash going both ways. The area where they got nailed is a a major area for such busts- much of the route is no mans land with little police presence- but that area is a major focus point.

    Gotta say they were bloody idiots transporting such things with clones in the passenger compartment. Natural selection at work.
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