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Police arrested 71 people for drug possession at a Melbourne music festival

  1. RoboCodeine7610
    Police have arrested 71 people for drug possession at a Melbourne music festival.

    Sniffer dogs were used to seize drugs including ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis as the crowd entered the event at the Flemington Racecourse this afternoon.

    Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington says he is disappointed that revellers are continuing to bring drugs to festivals.

    "We constantly warn people about bringing drugs to these events," he said.

    "They're made by criminals [and] they don't know the effect it will have on them. We continue the warnings and these are the events we continue to see [drugs brought in]."

    Mar 10, 2013



  1. Exitlude
    Re: Policearrested 71 people for drug possession at a Melbourne music festival

    Police have arrested 45 people for drug offences at the Future Music Festival in Melbourne and expect to make more arrests as the evening descends.

    Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington said most of the drug seizures at the Flemington Racecourse were for the party drug ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis.

    As revellers poured in from the nearby Flemington Racecourse railway station, uniformed officers and members of the dog drug squad pounced. The arrests follow 140 people charged in Sydney yesterday at the Harbour City's version of the event.

    “We constantly warn people about bringing drugs to these events. They're made by criminals and people don't know what they're taking,” Senior Sergeant Pilkington said.

    With a crowd of about 50,000 predicted for tonight's event, Senior Sergeant Pilkington said it was impossible to stamp out drugs from music festivals. But he said the anti-drug warning from police was “as strong as we can make it”.

    “All we can do is advise people. People will behave in a way they want to behave and we will respond. You can't prevent people from committing offences,” he said.

    Punters endured temperatures in the mid-30s to see performances from Korean Gangnam Style star PSY, American band Fun. and rapper Azealia Banks.

    Swedish DJ Avicii, The Prodigy and Bloc Party will close out the festival at about 10.30pm, AEDT.

    Police made 36 arrests at trance music event Above & Beyond in February and at least 84 arrests at Summadayze on New Year's Day.

    They caught 45 people for drug offences at last year's Future Music Festival in Melbourne.



    This is an earlier report from a local newspaper, but contains more of the police spokesman's propoganda.
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