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Police: BSU chem student manufacturing psychedelic mushrooms

  1. Phungushead
    MUNCIE -- A Ball State University chemistry student from Winchester might have been learning a bit too much from a classmate in an organic chemistry class.

    Robert Carlyle Kennedy -- who celebrated his 21st birthday on Monday -- was arrested Tuesday on allegations he had set up what a police detective called a "fairly elaborate operation" in his near-campus apartment to add hallucinogenic chemicals from the roots of mushrooms to marijuana.

    Kennedy was preliminarily charged with dealing in a controlled substance, a Class A felony carrying a standard 30-year prison term. He was being held without bond Wednesday in the Delaware County jail.

    Tuesday's arrest, by campus police, came as a result of a July 21 visit that two members of the Muncie Police Department's drug unit made to Kennedy's home in the 400 Apartments complex, 818 W. Riverside Ave.

    Officers Bret Elam and Nathan Sloan went to the apartment based on a tip that a methamphetamine lab was set up there. Given permission to enter the apartment by another tenant, the detectives reported finding no meth, but instead "psilocyblin mushroom production, ... and a chemical process in the kitchen."

    According to Sloan's report, Kennedy reported the mushrooms actually belonged to two other men, one of them a fellow student in BSU's organic chemistry program, but he acknowledged he was "loosely tending to them."

    Kennedy gave the officer a detailed account of breaking down the plant root to obtain DMT, a crystalline substance added to marijuana before smoking "to obtain a hallucinogenic effect," the report said.

    Sloan wrote that while the "chemical process" was mainly in the apartment's kitchen, "the mushroom-growing process was present in almost all portions of the house."

    Lt. Al Williams of the MPD drug unit said Wednesday that Kennedy wasn't arrested until this week in part to allow for completion of tests by state police chemists.

    "It was a fairly elaborate set-up" that included chemical procedures the drug unit had not encountered before, Williams said.

    Also arrested, as part of unrelated investigations, by members of the drug unit on Tuesday were:

    Justin Ryan Bennett, 22, 4204 S. Pinewood Drive, preliminarily charged with dealing in a controlled substance.

    He is accused of selling prescription medication to an agent for the drug unit in June.

    Janelle Arline Jones, 23, 11100 E. Ind. 32, Selma, preliminarily charged with two counts of dealing in cocaine.

    She is accused of twice selling the drug to agents of the drug unit this month.

    Terry Tieyounne Miles Sr., 27, 1018 E. Willard St., charged with dealing in cocaine. He allegedly was in the process of selling the drug at 15th Street and May Avenue, when arrested.

    During an interview, Miles reportedly told officers he had been selling a pound of cocaine per week. He was convicted of child molesting in 2003.

    All three were being held without bond in the county jail.

    "We're trying to cover all our bases," Williams said of Tuesday's arrests.

    23 September 2010


    th_what-1.gif?t=1285604096 What the fuck? These guys have no idea what they're talking about...

    Reading this, what I guessing is that the kid was extracting the DMT from mimosa hostilis root bark, and the mushroom growing operation was a separate deal... Who in the hell would go through the trouble to produce DMT from psilocybin from the mushroom's "roots" (mushrooms don't even have roots - mycelium and roots are not analogous)...

    Either these guys screwed up in the reporting, or they are seriously misinformed...


  1. Nnizzle
    Yeah I was going to say... that article doesn't make any sense. And since when do people lace marijuana with DMT that would be totally useless.
  2. torachi
    It seems as though they thought if they extracted the active from mushrooms, injected that to the root of the cannabis, they would have a more psychedelic high from the weed. That still makes no sense and wouldnt work, but seems slightly plausible. But still, why take the risk of killing both when you have both seperate and work just fine like that?
  3. Code9
    That whole article is uneducated BS scare quotes. Whatever this guy is calling 'chemical procedures' is just to get some public attention. The guy was probably distilling potato vodka or something equally harmless.

    Most importantly:

    Yeah... if someone was gonna do something illegal, they should make sure their roommates know their rights and to ask for a warrant. It would have required more than a 'tip' to get one though.

    Knowing one's rights might be some of the most valuable information you can obtain if someone was to do some experimental gardening. Makes one a much more difficult target.
  4. reylids
    Sometimes people use bud as the base and then sprinkle the divine on top so they don't waste any it's not a bad method to getting it...you vaporize it before hitting it to get to the weed obviously, I just think the wording of lacing marijuana with DMT is misleading without saying how it was actually used.
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    January trial set in Muncie drug lab case

    MUNCIE — A Ball State University student accused of setting up a lab to create hallucinogenic chemicals in his near-campus apartment has received a Jan. 26 trial date in Delaware Circuit Court 1.

    Robert Carlyle Kennedy, 21, of Winchester, is charged with two counts of dealing in a controlled substance, both Class A felonies carrying a standard 30-year prison term.

    Members of the Muncie Police Department's drug unit reported when they inspected Kennedy's home in the 400 Apartments complex in July, they found both psyilocyblin mushrooms and a process set up to extract dimethyltriptamine (DMT) from a South American plant, Mimosa Hostillis.

    State police told their Muncie counterparts it was the first DMT lab they had encountered in Indiana.

    Kennedy was not arrested or charged until late September.

    Judge Marianne Vorhees on Monday ordered Kennedy released from the Delaware County jail, placing him on a pre-trial probation program.

    October 6, 2010
  6. Nnizzle
    I assume you bolded that because it's word for word right? Jesus.
  7. rayul123
    Actually this reports in papers/media are for influencing "normal" people that do not know various info about drugs.. The media gives a shit about the articles and thay lie often..
  8. RoboCodeine7610
    Actually, it's not such a stupid idea.I remember an "experiment" we did back in 4th grade.The teacher told us to put marker ink in a glass of water and then put a flower in the glass, to prove that the flower absorbed the water since it did change color.

    Now unlike marker ink, DMT wouldn't be toxic to the plant and if you injected a large quantity to get it concentrated enough in the bud 12-24 hours before harvest (say 2g-4g) maybe the weed would have a psychedelic effect.

    Simple, for marketing.Tell me you would not pay a lot of more money for "psychedelic weed" than for the two separately.

    Now the only problem would be if the DMT was destroyed by direct flames (which I honestly don't know), in which case it would only be smokable in a vaporizer...

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