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Police bust drug trafficking ring that involves high school students

  1. Chug Chug Chug
    West Linn police announced Monday that officers have busted a drug-trafficking ring that stretches from the West Linn area down to Eugene.

    Some of the more than dozen people involved are current or former West Linn High School students, police said. The school district could not be reached for comment on Monday night.

    Police served several search warrants last month in West Linn and Eugene. Officers arrested three people, seized about 10 pounds of marijuana and other drugs, and seized more than $18,000 in cash, police said.

    Most of the marijuana was destined for West Linn High School through a network of dealers from all grade levels, police said. On several occasions, the drug deals were planned during school hours, they said.

    Police said several of the people who delivered the marijuana were part of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, but they were selling to people who are not part of the program.

    The two most recent arrests happened on Nov. 2.

    Police said Nick Joscelyn, 20, delivered marijuana and other drugs from Eugene to an 18-year-old former West Linn High School student. Joscelyn was arrested during a traffic stop, police said.

    Connor Krug, 21, was arrested that same night in Eugene on several drug-related charges after police found a pound of marijuana and more than $4,000 in cash inside an apartment, police said.

    Krug and Joscelyn are former West Linn High School students and know each other, police said.

    The third arrested happened on Nov. 19 along 9th Street in West Linn.

    Police said Francesco Zorich, 51, sold marijuana, hired West Linn High School students to take care of his grow operation and paid them with marijuana for the work.

    Zorich's neighborssaid they've had nothing but positive interactions with him. They were quite surprised by the allegations being made against him.

    "I don't like it. I don't want drugs in this neighborhood. I just ... I won't tolerate it," said neighbor Justin Janszen.

    "I've jus t... never been part of it and never had it and don't want it around," said neighbor Dave Ahrendt. "It just seems to lead to other things."

    Zorich said by phone on Monday night that the accusations being made against him have been fabricated. Police have blown the situation way out of proportion, he said.

    Zorich is a medical marijuana patient, he said. He's never paid anyone with marijuana, he added.

    Zorich's next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 19.

    More arrests will be made in the case, police said.

    Copyright 2013 KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Steve McCarron
    kptv - Dec 3rd, 2013, 1:10 AM CST
    SOURCE: http://www.kptv.com/story/24118377/...king-ring-involving-some-high-school-students


  1. berry13
    Ah, marijuana. I was secretly hoping it would be an actual drug trafficking ring, like some high schoolers trafficking dope or coke accross the entire state. Now THAT would make for a great news story!

    Still, for people there age, 10 pounds of weed and $18k in cash is impressive. Too bad the rest of their lives are probably ruined by the felony records.
  2. Cid Lysergic
    High school can be great money to sell weed, however, you run a much higher risk of being caught as you usually pre-weigh before school, are paid in stupid denominations (ie coins) & the moment a student gets caught, don't rely on them to not rat you out.
  3. Booty love
    This is why every state should legalize, tax and regulate the sale of marijuana!!
  4. kumar420
    Hah, i remember a kid who tried to pay with 25$* in ten, twenty and fifty cent coins. I have never seen somebody get such a disgusted look as the dealer gave that kid. It was a mixture of amusement, revulsion and irritation. absolutely classic

    i'd be willing to bet good money that those foolish kids used their smartphones to conduct business and got caught as a result. I couldn't believe the number of idiots in high school that tried to buy drugs over facebook or called dealers from their home numbers using obvious codewords like 'herb' and 'green'

    *This was just the amount of money the kid had at the time, it is not discussion of price
  5. Cid Lysergic
    As a kid in high school I got caught that way. So much botch change and a teacher saw it.
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