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Police claim Tiny Teddies coated with LSD

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Police claim Tiny Teddies coated with LSD
    TINY Teddy biscuits laced with LSD were seized in police raids that led to 15 people facing serious drugs charges, Geelong Magistrates' Court heard yesterday.

    Tuesday's police swoop on 13 homes across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Werribee netted drugs, guns knives, and cars, the court heard.

    The accused drug syndicate mastermind, Torquay's Dominic Battaglia, 49, was among those to face court yesterday.

    The court was told his son Jordan Battaglia, 19, helped his father traffick drugs, including ecstasy, cannabis and LSD.

    Constable Steve Robertson said police secretly tapped Mr Battaglia's phone between February 25 and March 23, which led to 3200 phone calls and messages being intercepted.

    Covert surveillance had also been conducted on his home.

    The court was told Aiden Devoy, 19, was arrested at a Bellbrae property with a large quantity of LSD, including Tiny Teddy biscuits coated with the drug, inside his Nissan Skyline.

    Constable Robertson said police also found a 50cm machete, two kitchen knives and one pocket knife in Mr Devoy's car.

    Police opposed bail for Mr Devoy, saying he had no fixed address, was unemployed and selling drugs was a way of getting cash. "He's possibly going to get back into his lifestyle of trafficking," Constable Robertson said.

    Police had also found a list of names and phone numbers for drug clients in his shoe, the court heard.

    Mr Devoy sold 25 tabs of LSD in the past three weeks, the court was told before he was granted bail.

    Riley McCrohan, 18, arrived at his parents' Bellbrae property with Mr Devoy soon after police started their raid.

    Constable Naomi Bourke said ecstasy tablets, white powder, crystal substance and cannabis found at the home belonged to Mr McCrohan.

    Police found several sheets of LSD and some had Sponge Bob Square Pants stamped on them along with more Tiny Teddys, Constable Bourke said.

    Drugs called DMT, that have a stronger hallucinogen in them than LSD, had also been hidden in women's purses.

    It is alleged Mr McCrohan sold between $500 and $2000 worth of ecstasy and LSD each week.

    Magistrate Michael Coghlan adjourned Mr McCrohan's bail application until tomorrow.

    "It's a significant quantity of drugs ... which are a huge problem in this community," Mr Coghlan said.

    Constable Roberts said Jordan Battaglia's role was to buy drugs from his father including LSD, cannabis and ecstasy and sell them to other people.

    Police had found a small amount of marijuana in his Torquay home, scales, a bong and a marijuana plant.

    Jordan Battaglia was granted bail while his father, Dominic, did not apply for bail.

    The court was told of several conversations between Paraparap's Timothy Wall, 29, and Mr Battaglia discussing LSD and codenaming it with the word "cardboard".

    Police said Mr Wall sold 7g of amphetamines a week during the past eight months for up to $1500.

    She said police also found 11g of amphetamines, cannabis, a crystal powder in a bowl and a straw used to divide up the amphetamines.

    Police had also found an air-rifle and two other guns at the Paraparap home.

    Hayden Muir, 23, of Anglesea, was also charged after police found white powder in zip-lock bags stored in a spaghetti tin and an ecstasy pill.

    Police allege Mr Muir bought ecstasy, LSD and amphetamines for his friends but did not consider it trafficking because he did not make money from it.

    The court was told Belmont's William Benfield, 26, had several conversations with Dominic Battaglia discussing the purchase and sale of LSD.

    Police allege Mr Benfield attended the ring leader's home and sold him a sheet of LSD valued at $1300.

    Others caught in the drug raid were bailed during an out-of-sessions court hearing on Tuesday. All matters stemming from the investigation return to court on June 25.

    Aleks Devic
    March 25th, 2010



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