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Police conduct drug dog operation outside local school and skate park

By buseman, Jun 11, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Police from the Tweed/Byron Local Area Command have conducted a drug dog operation outside a local high school and nearby skate-park.

    As a result of information received from members of the public, about 2.30pm yesterday (Thursday 10 June) police from various sections in Tweed Heads assisted by a drug dog conducted numerous searches of students leaving a school.

    The students were stopped at the intersection of Minjungbal Drive and Heffron Street where police drug dog ‘Wilson’ and his handler conducted a sweep of students leaving the school.

    The dog and handler later conducted a number of sweeps of young people at the Tweed Skate Park and a number of school buses the students had boarded.

    Throughout the operation the drug dog indicated numerous detections however police only located a small amount of discarded drugs believed to be cannabis and an amount of fireworks and no arrests were made.

    Superintendent Michael Kenny from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command said Tweed Heads Police are listening to the concerns of local residents and are committed to addressing youth violence issues.

    In recent times we have conducted a number of high-visibility policing operations as well as attending community safety committee meetings and looking at causal factors and preventative measures.

    In this instance we worked closely with the school principal and the local community to address their concerns over the supply and use of drugs by the youth of Tweed Heads.

    There have been a number of incidents at or near the local skate park including assaults, robberies, drug use and anti-social behaviour, we are working hard to identify those responsible and make the park safe for the use of others, said Superintendent Kenny.

    Tweed Heads Police also confirmed that yesterday’s operation was just one of several steps they are taking to address the community’s concerns with school liaison officers working tirelessly with all local schools to get the message out about the dangers and repercussions of drugs and their use.

    Superintendent Kenny said a number of arrests had been made in the area in recent times including people being caught in possession of drugs and stolen property.

    He warned that police will conduct further operations and continue to target those intent on breaking the law in the Tweed Heads area and supplying school students with drugs.

    I want to get the message out there and remind parents to discuss the dangers of drugs with their children. Drugs don’t just ruin your health but also your life.

    They can adversely affect a growing child’s mind and body as well as lead them down the ugly path of a life of crime.

    Lastly, I would like to remind the community that we need its help in identifying and arresting those responsible for committing crime within the Tweed/Byron area.

    Friday, 11 Jun 2010


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