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Police Crackdown on Drug use in Jakarta Clubs

By Docta, May 11, 2013 | |
  1. Docta
    Nineteen attendees of two West Jakarta night clubs were arrested during the early hours of Saturday morning for consuming narcotics.

    The Jakarta Narcotics Agency’s (BNNP) prevention division head, Safari Parto Diharjo, said that 17 clubbers — four women and 13 men —at Millle’s and two people at Illigal’s tested positive for various substances.

    “[They used anything from] hashish, crystal methamphetamine, amphetamine, ecstasy and heroin,” Safari said. “It’s extraordinary. It means that there is a heroin trafficking syndicate here.”

    At Illigal’s, the two visitor’s arrested tested positive for benzodiazepines and crystal meth.

    Law enforcers — a joint team consisting of 70 officers from the BNNP, the Jakarta police and the military — did not find drugs at the clubs, but still hauled in users to the BNNP’s office for further investigation.

    “One security officer tried to stop us, so we had to gather security guards and explain our purpose. It was chaotic, but we asked for permission. We then turned off the music and turned on the lights and started testing [people] randomly.”

    The attendees were surprised, but police officers moved quickly in picking out people randomly. They selected those who were seen sweating profusely and dancing enthusiastically.

    The BNNP also tried to determine if those taken into custody were simply drug users or also traffickers.

    “If they are also drug dealers, their punishment will be heavier,” the drug prevention division head stated. “However, if they are only victims or users, we will rehabilitate them as stipulated by the 2009 Law on Narcotics.”

    The agency said it would conduct routine raids on Jakarta night clubs that are considered prone to drug trafficking and consumption as a way to support the government’s plan to erradicate illegal drug use by 2015.

    Meanwhile, the BNNP raided the Stadium discotheque in Taman Sari, West Jakarta, last Saturday. Thirty-five clubgoers were given urine tests on the spot, though only five of them tested positive for drug consumption.

    By Camelia Pasandaran on May 11, 2013.


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