Police Defend the Right to Choke Marijuana Suspects

By chillinwill · Oct 1, 2008 · ·
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    30 September 2008
    News Channel 5

    Officer Cosby apparently believed the suspect was trying to swallow marijuana, however nothing was found in his mouth and he subsequently passed a drug test, proving that he didn’t eat it. He just never had marijuana in his mouth. The video is so disturbing, a local judge refused to hear future cases brought by Cosby and the police chief had no choice but to fire him.

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  1. runitsthepolice
    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.
  2. Milk man
    Wouldn't eating raw not make you piss positive? If he was any kind of smoker, he would have failed, but still?
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    Just fits my theory on the suppressed homosexuality and hostile homophobic nature of many police officers; just looking for an excuse to choke some pretty little boy with his big hard stick.
  4. drug-bot
    at least the judge did the right thing by saying he wouldnt see any future cases brought by him, thereby insuring he was fired.
  5. discodave
    it has to be said, although i disagree strongly with a number of laws in the free world it's ALWAYS the judges who bring a little of bit of sanity to the table. don't get me wrong they make thier own mistakes but when there is corruption and police brutality it's not the police or politicians who seem to make improvements, it's the judges. and here it happens again, the judges are the best part of the legal system
  6. fnord
  7. discodave
    someone should forward that thread to maverick news outfits swim would but doesnt know what place would run it in us of a. police openly discussing brutality as a good thing? would make fantastic news.
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