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Police drug raid finds guinea pig heater

By torachi, Jan 12, 2011 | Updated: Jan 13, 2011 | | |
  1. torachi
    A woman from Bradford has received an apology from police after officers swooped on her house thinking she had turned it into a cannabis factory - and found an electric heater for her two guinea pigs.

    The raid was mounted after the West Yorkshire Police helicopter detected a hotspot, caused by the heater, on the roof of the garage in Huddersfield Road, Odsal.

    A hotspot is often a sign of specialist heating systems designed to grow cannabis and officers raided the house.

    However, embarrassed officers, who had obtained a search warrant, went away empty-handed after finding nothing more sinister than an electric heater to keep Pam Hardcastle's two pets warm.

    Inspector Darren Brown said: "A majority of operations of this nature are intelligence-based and often rely upon swift action.

    "Due to the location of the garage, we could not make further observations without alerting the occupants. On this occasion, it transpired that the significant heat source coming from the property was not connected to the production of cannabis.

    "Officers who attended explained the full circumstances to the occupant and discussed any damage. I would like to apologise for the distress this may have caused. However, I would point out that these tactics are essential in tackling drugs across the district.

    "I can also reassure the occupants that their details will not be kept on police records and I will be personally visiting them to discuss any concerns they may have."

    Mrs Hardcastle, 42, who is a learning mentor at a Bradford primary school, was at work when she received a call from her mother, who put a police officer on the phone.

    She told the Telegraph & Argus: "It was unbelievable. My mum told them I had guinea pigs in the garage and would have a heater in there to keep them warm."



  1. catseye
    I read this today in the Metro whilst on the train and actually burst out laughing...I love this quote
    I think they need to rethink their definition of 'intelligence' :laugh:
  2. J.B.

    I'm picturing Graham Chapman delivering this pronouncement, with Cleese, Idle and Jones being attacked by the guinea pigs in the background.
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