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  1. Alfa

    Two Markham men face charges after more than 200 kilograms of ecstasy were
    found in a Markham house and a Scarborough storage facility last Friday.

    Street value of the drugs is pegged at between $50 million and $60 million.

    "This is probably the largest seizure made of ecstasy that we know of in
    this country," Toronto police Chief Julian Fantino said in a media
    conference Wednesday.

    The arrests were made when a Toronto police officer stopped a minivan for
    an expired validation sticker early Friday on Sheppard Avenue east of
    McCowan Road.

    During the investigation, the police officer spotted a small plastic bag
    filled with a white substance. The two occupants, both of Markham, were

    Chief Fantino said further investigation led to the seizure of liquid and
    powdered ecstasy in the home and storage facility.

    The accused, 25 and 26, are facing drug possession and trafficking charges.


  1. RoboCop
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  2. fiets
    Always hurts, to see such a big piles get busted<img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley7.gif">
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