Police find 98 pounds of pot in gas tank

By str8ballin · Jul 13, 2004 · ·
  1. str8ballin
    Ouachita Parish police found 98 pounds of marijuana in a California couple's gas tank after pulling them over to check seat belts.

    Rosa Vega, 38, and Jose Hurtado, 56, of Paramount, Calif., were booked Sunday on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

    Vega and Hurtado were traveling with two small children in a 1991 Buick Riviera with a fiberglass false container in place of the gas tank.

    "There was only about two gallons of gas in the tank itself, everything else was dope," said Lt. James Purvis, a spokesman for Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office. "They were having to stop about every 20 miles."

    When authorities pulled the car over, Vega and Hurtado had conflicting stories about their destination. A police dog helped authorities discover the drugs, Purvis said.

    The children are in custody of Child Protective Services.

    Bond has been set for $50,000 each for Vega and Hurtado.

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  1. Thegreatone
    stupid people should have there stories str8 before they get in a car.
  2. str8ballin
    Yeah for real.I've been in situations though where I've been pulled over and had shit on me and almost gave myself away just because I was nervous.I could just imagine what was going through those people's head with 98 lbs!
  3. Insane Asian
    christ i dont know how big a gas tank is cause i dont knwo wat kind of car they have but jesus a 98lbs of weed i could go crazy smoking all that
  4. str8ballin
    They were driving a Buick Riviera and yeah 98 lbs is alot.Hell I would be happy with a pound!
  5. Insane Asian
    ive seen a pound in person before its the most weed ive ever seen. me and my friend were going to carls jr wen we saw my other firend on his bike. he rolls up to us and says hey check this out and pulls a pound of weed from his pant leg. it was amazing
  6. davidBuster23
    The poor schmucks were no doubt mules who barely had a clue what was in the gas tank or who it belonged to.Whoever they were working for is an absolute ass. He should have had them well prepared incase they got busted. Now they'll do god-knows how much time and their employer will keep on running things the same way.
  7. Thegreatone
    theyt were prolly carrying compressed brick shit weed because just one lb of good pot is about the size of 3 pressed bricks or schwag
  8. str8ballin
    Yeah no doubt it was probably compressed shitty brown Mexican weed.
  9. Pinkavvy
    Yes it was probably compressed brickweed and only about $40,000 worth wholesale. lol their bail was more then that. that's too bad.
  10. Psilocybe S.
  11. RoboCop
    Lol think about it, there was 2 gallons of gas and 98 pounds of marijuana, I think the pot would smell over the gas.
  12. Psilocybe S.
    Haha, good point. It seems they were thinking just like I was.
  13. Pot Head
    Thats a shitload of weed. Too bad they were caught. That was a smart hiding place tho.
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