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Police make $14M grow-op bust in city's northwest

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    One man is facing charges after Toronto police seized nearly 14,000 marijuana plants -- the biggest such drug bust in at least five years, according to a senior officer.

    "It was unbelievable in terms of size and scope," Insp. Mario Di Tommaso of the Toronto police drug squad told reporters at the scene on Wednesday.

    Officers from the drug squad carried out the raid at an industrial building located at 120 Cartwright Ave., which is about half a kilometre west of the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

    "What we found was quite astonishing. We found a two-level marijuana production factory," Di Tommaso said.

    "During the execution of the warrant, a very large and sophisticated soil-based marijuana grow operation was located in a segregated two-storey area of the building," police alleged in a news release issued Wednesday.

    "The operation included the use of conveyer belts to ease the transport of potted plants from one stage of growth to the next, and a professionally installed commercial-grade hydro bypass directly to an exterior transformer."

    Besides the plants, police said they seized an unspecified quantity of dried marijuana along with 13,730 plants.

    They estimate the street value of the marijuana to be $13.7 million.

    Di Tommaso said the man they have in custody has been charged with producing marijuana and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

    Updated: Wed Dec. 01 2010 5:18:43 PM


    There is a TV news video embedded on the story linked above worth checking out


  1. einar
    This is so Canadian. Just like the grow op in the Molson plant in Barrie a few of years ago.
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