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Police Make cocaine bust - XENIA

By dre3k, Jun 6, 2008 | |
  1. dre3k

    Police Make "Huge" Cocaine bust
    Thursday May 29th 2008

    By Ryan Sullivan
    Total of seizure is an estimated $6 Million
    XENIA — What is being called one of the largest cocaine busts in Greene County history took place in Xenia late Tuesday and early Wednesday.
    The Greene County ACE Drug Task Force seized about $500,000 in cash, 55 kilograms of cocaine, marijuana and a semi-automatic handgun from two residences. Each kilogram of cocaine has an estimated street value of $100,000, making the total value of the bust about $6 million.
    Police arrested two men at 1549 E. Main St., Ismael Gonzalez, 19, and Carlos Partida-Villalba, 19, who were being held in the Greene County Jail Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine.

    Gonzalez, a legal resident of the United States, is from Huntington Beach, Calif., but his address was listed as being in Xenia. Partida-Villalba also had a Xenia address, but is an illegal alien from Mexico, authorities said.

    Additional charges are likely to be filed against both men as well as several other individuals. The ACE Task Force also served warrants, and found evidence at 1194 New Mexico Drive and 2396 Louisiana Drive.

    Police believe the drugs likely came from Mexico as part of a larger distribution conspiracy.

    Bruce May, the director of ACE, said he believes the bust really put a dent into drug trafficking in the county.
    “We believe this hurt them or at least this organization,” May said. “A majority of the drugs were going to hit Greene County.”

    “Drugs are at the root of just about every crime, whether it be robbery, assault or domestic violence,” May said.

    Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller said he was surprised by the size of the bust and said the ongoing investigation, which began several months ago, would likely net more arrests.

    The seized $500,000 will go towards funding future law enforcement operations, May said.


    My Favorite part is bolded, made me laugh.


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