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Police: Massachusetts woman on LSD attacked 2 people then rolled nude in snow

  1. Rob Cypher
    A Westfield woman has been accused of attacking two people at Powdermill Village Apartments after allegedly taking hallucinogenic drugs and before rolling around in the snow while naked, according to court documents.

    Chelsei Smith, 22, was arraigned in Westfield District Court Friday on two counts of assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, documents said.

    On Feb. 4 at about 10:30 p.m., Westfield police responded to the apartment complex on Union Street after receiving reports that a nude woman had violently attacked two people, police reports said.

    Upon arrival, officers saw the suspect, later identified as Smith, completely naked and lying in the snow, reports said. It was 26 degrees outside at the time of the call, police noted, with at least 12 to 15 inches of snow on the ground.

    Smith showed the classic signs of a person who had taken LSD, police said, including violent behavior, body numbness, slurred speech, blank staring, hallucinations and inability to follow simple directions.

    Prior to police arrival, witnesses said Smith attacked a 47-year-old woman walking her dog in the neighborhood. She allegedly knocked down the victim and proceeded to punch her several times, and then got on top of her and began slamming her head on a wooden deck, police reports said.

    Smith then allegedly attacked another person who tried to help the woman. Police observed that the second victim's shirt was ripped and that he had small lacerations on his neck due to the altercation.

    It took five officers to control Smith, reports said.

    Smith was taken by ambulance to the hospital to receive treatment for a drug overdose.

    Laura Newbury
    Feburary 13, 2015



  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It's really weird how severe bad trips can cause people to take off their clothes...

    Honestly I can't understand it. Someone is so utterly disconnected from reality.. and yet they take their clothes off? How does that work...
  2. Ghetto_Chem
    Joe there's actually one experience report on Erowid I suggest you find/read, sadly I don't remember the name of it other than it was a NBome Experience report from a few years back. (Sometime I might look for it.) In it the guy actually explains really well what he was feeling at the moment he completely lost it, probably hands down the best description I've ever read.

    To boil down what he said, there was an underlying current of this horrible uncomfortable feeling that he was trying to fight with all his might. And then he just lost his will and couldn't fight it anymore, he started destroying things and the feeling was quelled, and he just spiraled into it deeper and deeper. Of course he ends up running the streets naked, fighting people, jumping on cars, the usual. As soon as he let it take control it sounds like he lost consciousness to some extent.

    I wish more people would describe exactly why they decided to do what they did like the guy who wrote the report I'm talking about. What were they thinking at the time? Something I'm very curious about.

  3. prescriptionperil
    Interestingly, many in the midst of severe mania take off their clothes, too. Perhaps they're connected. The police found my friend's sister two states over naked. My father in law, whom died prior to my seeing his mania, could be totally inappropiate.

    Only time I disrobed on LSD was for one on one sex.
  4. Rob Cypher
    Personally, I think the suspect in this case was actually on something else (PCP, bath salts, or some kind of nBOMe) and the cops just went for the first drug buzzword they could think of. Who knows.
  5. prescriptionperil
    That's likely. Being old school LSD was actual LSD. My nephews become as delusional as fuck.
    Considering, years ago, he introduced my daughter to her only bath salt experience, and he tells his mom nada, I used deductive reasoning.

    I sadly hope my neighboring state, alledgedly the most progressive in the union, would test before attest. dunno though, dunno.
  6. Wanderer
    This could be any number of things, including just plain mental illness. Though admittedly, it sounds very much like someone who's a tad psychotic going on an alcoholic bender. But they didn't mention the smell of alcohol and jumped to the first thing they could think of, as seasoned mental healthcare professionals the police are known to be, which could cause these symptoms.

    Most people in the United States tend to stare blankly, have the inability to follow directions, and manifest violent behavior, especially when confronted by authority figures.

    Did the police look at pupilary response and for mydriasis before they submitted their expert diagnosis? If they had, it would have clenched it.

    Same thing they would do for a violent patient with psychosis and in danger of harming themselves or others - used to be they would just slap them in restraints, but that's no longer in vogue and can have medical consequences causing injury to the patient (in particular - rhabdomyolysis). Hopefully the ER physician on duty did a bit better with their triage assessment than the police did before he loaded the patient up on a high dose of thorazine, haloperidol or diazepam.

    Just to update - it's officially out, as reported by Smithsonian Magazine (November 2014), the DEA has concluded that "Bath Salts®" do not cause a "zombie apocalypse™" and that the substituted cathinones aren't as dangerous as they first thought... but we'll just keep them illegal anyway.

    Though "Bath Salts®" could be most anything, and are not necessarily substituted cathinones, and no one should use any substance which does not have a list of ingredients on it. Now MDPV, a popular ingredient in "Bath Salts®", can lead to episodes illustrated so well by MacAfee and his elusive "Where's Waldo" psychotic break with reality a few years back.

    The man who was arrested in Florida who started the "zombie apocalypse™" had only THC in his system, though that hasn't stopped or slowed down the effort to legalize marijuana for either medical, recreational or both uses in the United States. That's what happens though when the powers that be decide to legislate morality and seek further justification for the ever-expanding failure that is the "War on Drugs©".

    Some people are just batshit crazy psychotic, with or without drugs, go figure.

    Be responsible...
  7. Rob Cypher
    Yeah...about that. I know quite a few people personally who have tried substituted cathinones and none have had positive long-term results from their usage. Some have reported mental issues long after usage and at least one thinks it damaged his kidneys. This is regardless of whether they used mixed products sold in head shops or ordered pure substances from online vendors. Everyone here who reads the news section of D-F have been long aware about the initial myth of the Florida cannibal consuming alleged bath salts BTW, just to let you know.

    Also, comparing it to THC's safety record in terms of psychological issues (as you did in your post) is dangerously erroneous and undermines the idea of harm reduction, IMO. Just sayin'.

    edit: author messaged me and told me he was being sarcastic, so disregard this post, I guess
  8. hookedonhelping
    I've got to wonder how many people in the world heard about "bath salts" and went out and purchased actual bath salts and chopped up a few of the salts and blew em up their nose. It had to have happened more than once.

    In regards to the story that headlines this thread.. I have read a lot of shitty news reports where the author just filled in the blanks, but this one takes the cake. For all we know this lovely lady had an alien in her ass which took control of her M1 in the frontal lobe hijacking her motor movement in an effort to do what aliens in ones butt would do. Attack people.

    Such vague reporting with no citations. I would be ashamed of attaching my name to this news report.
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