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  1. chillinwill
    HUMBERSIDE Police are investigating the deaths of two teenagers.

    The two boys, who are both 19, are thought to have died after taking the legal drug mephedrone.

    A police spokeswoman said one of the boys died at his home address in Winterton, while the other died at an address in Scunthorpe.

    Police were called in connection with the first death at noon yesterday and in connection with the second one, at 4.22pm yesterday.

    The spokeswoman said: "Police have reason to believe the two deaths are connected and that the boys may have taken the legal drug, mephedrone."

    March 16, 2010
    This Is Scunthorpe


  1. chillinwill
    Two arrested after teenagers' deaths linked to mephedrone

    Two men have been arrested in connection with the deaths of two teenagers who are believed to have taken the legal drug mephedrone, police said today.

    Humberside Police said they believed the drug mephedrone had contributed to the deaths of Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, who had been out drinking together in Scunthorpe until the early hours of Monday morning.

    Detectives said two other men were being questioned in connection with the incident.

    One of the arrested men was currently in hospital after also being thought to have taken the drug, which is also known as "M-CAT" and "mieow".

    A woman was also undergoing medical examinations.

    Police were notified after Mr Wainwright was pronounced dead at his home in Low Burgage, Winteringham, at 12pm yesterday.

    Officers received a second call at 4.22pm in connection with the death of Mr Smith on Redbourne Street, in Scunthorpe.

    Detective Chief Inspector Mark Oliver, senior investigating officer, said: "We have arrested two men in connection with this incident.

    "One of the men has been taken to hospital, where he is undergoing a medical examination as we have reason to believe he may have taken the substance.

    "A woman has also been admitted to hospital for medical examination.

    "We have information to suggest these deaths are linked to M-CAT.

    "We would encourage anyone who may have taken the drug or knows somebody who has taken the drug to attend a local hospital as a matter of urgency.

    "Anyone who knows somebody who has possession of the drug, we would encourage them to either hand it in to a local police station or dispose of the substance as soon as possible and contact Humberside Police."

    Humberside Police are appealing for anyone who may have taken the legal drug while out on Sunday night with either Mr Wainwright or Mr Smith to attend hospital as a matter of urgency.

    A police spokeswoman said: "This substance is very dangerous and it is important that anyone who has taken it contacts their local GP or hospital immediately."

    Mephedrone is known by various names, including "M-CAT", "MC", "mieow", "meow", "4MMC" or "plant fertiliser", and has become popular on the UK club scene in recent months.

    It is usually a white or yellowish powder, which is snorted, but can also be obtained in pills and capsules.

    The side effects include headaches, palpitations, nausea, high blood pressure, a burning throat, nose bleeds and purple joints, especially the knees and hands.

    Other side effects are said to include psychosis, weight loss and insomnia.

    The substance is legal in the UK but is subject to a Government safety probe.

    Earlier this month authorities on the Channel Island of Guernsey said they were considering classifying the "legal high" as a Class A drug.

    Drug officials on the island said they were looking at "proactive" action and island authorities were conducting their own research into the drug's effects.

    The UK Government has asked the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to carry out an assessment.

    Jon Land
    March 16, 2010
  2. Burgersoft777
    You are right of course, and you could also ask how many people died in the UK yesterday as a result of Alcohol, or Cigarettes. However that will not stop the red-tops pushing for an early ban, and these two deaths will certainly add to the clamour to end the legal highs trade once and for all. Prohibition isn't rational its a knee jerk response.
  3. moussaka
    Police on the radio in the uk this evening have said that the two teenagers in question had been drinking alcohol, then took Mephedrone followed later by Methadone, explaining that they were refering to the synthetic opioid (I mention this to highlight that they were not just mixing the names up)

  4. EscapeDummy

    OK, in that case I really have no idea what the fuck is going on.

    However If they really did do mePHedrone though, then I think this story is quite alarming. Two young men, ages 18 and 19, drop dead from mephedrone? I've heard of coke ODs, hell, I know people who have ODed on coke/opiates/alcohol during their late teens. Some of them truly took an inordinate amount of the drug.
    None of them died.
  5. Burgersoft777
    This extra information really alters the picture. Fishy has known people to die as a result of IV cocaine, but even more so people die as a result of taking to much Methadone. The age old advise about not mixing drugs still seems to be ignored.
    As it is this seems to be Death by misadventure.
  6. coloneldr
    This is typical scaremongering... The media at the moment are looking for any MCAT story the fuel it. So far all deaths in the UK have been relatively young, and have occurred in individuals who have concomitantly used alcohol and other narcotics (examples being ketamine and methadone).

    I think the people on this forum are intelligent enough to see through this but then the people on this forum are probably sensible enough not to take MCAT with methadone and alcohol!
  7. BodhiZen
    Alot of this going on atm - The BBC 6 O'Clock news said "Methadone" in their headline and then corrected themselves by saying "Mephadrone" in the article. They later went on to say that the two had been out drinking and took "MCat" and then later the same evening took "Mephedrone" to counteract the effects (?) of the former.

    So, not clear facts from any reporters really, but one thing is certain - the media bandwaggon is truly rolling at speed and they won't stop until they get a change in the law concerning Mephedrone. It is the "evil" of the moment here in the UK and the papers will have a fieldday tomorrow.
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    Police investigate deaths of two teens linked to mephedrone
    Police issued a new warning about the the dangers of the mephedrone after two teenagers died after taking the legal drug, which is increasingly popular with young people.

    Louis Wainwright and Nicholas Smith, both 19, took mephedrone, commonly known as "miaow miaow", during a night out clubbing. Two men have been arrested in relation to the incident.

    The drug, which is a fertiliser, is becoming increasingly popular with clubbers because it is legal and easy to buy.

    The two were out with friends in the early hours on Monday in their home town of Scunthorpe, Lincs, before collapsing.

    Detectives fear they were killed by a rogue or contaminated batch and have warned anyone who with the group or at the same venues and who has taken the drug recently to go to hospital to have themselves checked out.
    At least two others are believed to have fallen ill. Their alleged supplier is also in hospital, where he is under arrest, after it is believed he took some, and another woman was also admitted for examination.

    The two men were arrested on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs. It is understood that the dead teenagers also had access to the illegal drug methadone which is often taken to bring people down from the high of MCAT.

    The legal drug mephedrone is known by a variety of names, including “MCAT”, “miaow miaow” and “4-MMC”, and is illegal in other countries. Humberside Police said they believe the drug contributed to the boys’ deaths.

    Found in a white/yellowish powder, it is usually snorted but can also be found in pill and capsule format and costs as little as £4 a gram.

    Side effects include headaches, palpitations, nausea, high blood pressure, burning throat, nose bleeds and purple joints especially knees and hands.

    Officers were called to Mr Wainwright’s home in the village of Winteringham around noon on Monday. He was pronounced dead there.

    They received another call at 4.22pm in connection with the death of Mr Smith at an address in Scunthorpe.

    Both bodies have been transferred to Hull Royal Infirmary for post-mortem examinations to be carried out.

    Tony Smith, Mr Smith’s father, warned youngsters about the dangers of the drug.

    Mr Smith, whose family live in a remote farmhouse in Winterton, said his son was a promising chef who had attended catering college and worked at the upmarket Winteringham Fields restaurant near his home.

    Mr Smith, a retired fireman, said: “We don't know much about what has happened but we think he has been taking this drug on the night out. We won't find out exactly what has happened for a few weeks.

    “I don't want him to be labelled a druggie because he wasn't. He was just on a night out with friends enjoying himself, a normal, caring, hard-working lad.

    “I just don't want any other family to go through this or any other kids to die because of this. He was 19 for God's sake.”

    Nicholas Smith lived with his father and mother Elaine, a 50-year-old nurse. He had a twin sister Holly and 21-year-old brother Matt who are both students.

    Tony Granger, 45, a family friend, said: “This has come as a total shock. Tony and Elaine are real pillars of the community. The important message we want to really get out is the dangers of this drug and would urge other youngsters to turn it down if offered. It is absolutely vital this message gets out."

    Mr Wainwright lived in a large cottage in Winteringham very close to Winteringham Fields. His family were too upset to speak.

    Senior Investigation Officer, Mark Oliver, said: "From our investigations we have information to suggest these deaths are linked to MCAT.

    “We would encourage anyone who may have taken the drug or knows somebody who has taken the drug to attend a local hospital as a matter of urgency.

    “Anyone who knows somebody who has possession of the drug we would encourage them to either hand it in to a local police station or dispose of the substance as soon as possible and contact Humberside Police.”

    In November, a 14-year-old girl, Gabrielle Price, from Worthing, Sussex, died after allegedly taking the drug.

    Last week it emerged that a secondary school in north west Leicestershire has seen 180 pupils skip classes after taking the drug, the equivalent of more than two a day since December.

    By Nick Britten
    Published: 5:36PM GMT 16 Mar 2010

  9. bluntshell

    Anyone else think that reacting like it's so urgent to visit the hospital for having reduces their credibility?

    Like if a batch got released with some poison and they tried to tell everyone that it was urgent to go to a doctor.....

    Boy who cried wolf kinda thing...
  10. BodhiZen
  11. bubbly nubs
    It almost certainly means mephedrone. At least the police statement says its "known locally as..." rather than saying it IS Mcat.
  12. Alfa
    Unless they test the same batch, they do not know what compound it is. It may be mephedrone. it may be one of the other ketones that are sold by research chemical vendors. It all looks like crystal powder anyway.
  13. MrG
    I'd like to confirm the previous posters reference to Methadone being mentioned. I've just seen DCI Mark Oliver being interview on Sky News and he said:

    "We found that there were indications of legal, Herbal Highs, that's what the packeting(sic) said. I still can't say exactly what has been taken here but it's a dangerous cocktail that has clearly been taken. Drink, legally available drugs that are highly dangerous obviously and, perhaps, Methadone as well."
  14. RoboShindo
    SWIM knows one of the kids that died (close family friend in fact), the police said that they just thought it was mephedrone yesterday but ive heard nothing since yesterday afternoon when they were waiting for the toxicology report or whatever. Don't believe much of what the papers report though, some of the reports i've read can't even get the day right.

    Can't believe it happened though, its crazy...
  15. Finn Mac Cool
    I'd like to see the figures for teenage deaths caused by alcohol, go into any A&E at the weekend and you can get a rough idea. Like any drug, if abused or more importantly, mixed with alcohol, then you can expect problems. Some head shops are acting irresponsibly and thus I expect it to be banned.
  16. enquirewithin
    Nobody knows what the effects of heavy drinking with mephedrone could be. Alcohol and cocaine are very dangerous mixed, producing a toxic substance norcocaine. Alcohol is dangerous when mixed with most drugs, perhaps specifically with mephedrone.
  17. 10outof10
    SWIM has to agree with enquire within. SWIM has heard of many cases/hospitalisations in Scotland through SWIM's work but haven't heard of one that hasn't had an element of poly drug use. Most cases involving alcohol. It will be interesting to see if there are any similarities between how mephedrone and alcohol react together as with cocaine and alcohol. One could argue this could be likely due to the vasoconstriction risks.

    Slightly off topic but SWIM is aware of cocaethaylene but not norcocaine. SWIM would be interested in hearing more about this.
  18. enquirewithin
    That's correct-- cocaethylene:
    Norcocaine is another minor metabolite, but cocaethylene is the one I meant!
    Back on topic, the point about mixing alcohol with mephedrone remains the same, for reasons that are presently unknown!
  19. geezaman
    The BBC radio 4 news had interesting coverage of this.

    5min audio here

    They opened with short soundbytes of young people at a school being asked about it, all of whom knew of it and had come into contact with it in some way.

    Then had an interview a representative from Transform who gave a very good and intelligent account.

    They then moved onto the politicians they had in (Chris Hune, Lord Adonis, etc)... One of the politicians was very worried indeed, that kids today were stupid enough to be smoking or sniffing plant fertilizers. It seems his belief was that any from the local gardening shop would do.

    Then the ironic situation was bought up that the governments actions of interfering and trying to influence the scientists findings last year (resulting in the resignation of chief advisor Professor Nutt) had also resulted in the resignation of the individual heading the team looking into Mephedrone/methedrone (Les King), and this resignation is why advise had not already been received and legislation had not already been made.

    Apparently the findings are due to be in in a months time.

    It was worrying though as has already been mentioned that throughout that section of the news those in the studio referred to methedrone/methedone, and the Release representative (interviewed over the phone) referred to mephedrone.

    Snuffkin was eating lunch with his parents when he first heard it, he is glad they seemed uninterested.

  20. enquirewithin
    Prepare for a ban in the UK! Better rush of to the local garden centre and get in a few sacks-- only joking! :>
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