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Police raids seize guns, 'vast amounts' of illegal drugs

By Euphoric · Jun 19, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric


  1. radiometer
    It's pretty obvious what sort of operation this was. Several hundred thousand nasty doses of meth-laden Ecstasy have been stopped from distribution. Good on 'em! Throw the book at these peddlers of fake-ass drugs.
  2. Euphoric
    You were right radiometer:


    Notice how they say that ecstasy pills normally contain crystal meth? I wonder if this is true. Or maybe its just scare journalism, where by saying normal they mean none, but that is just a detail.
  3. cra$h
    really interesting site. It's "E" that the coppers got, and tested for what's really inside. surprizing amounts of ketamine, and of course meth.

    and to get closer on topic- at first swim didn't think that they were making bad E, but now that it's been mentioned, kind of glad they got caught. Plus, swim had no idea that there would be an underground viagra market. I guess that's supposed to go with the E. And swim hates seeing guns involved in the drug community. It's a shame that people need to protect themselves, but that's a whole nother topic
  4. Panthers007
    Putting people into a K-Hole, while all peaced-out on MDMA - and turn them into maniacal speed-freaks would serve a good purpose: Show the world that MDMA is a bad, bad, bad drug!

    So where is the "chemist" behind this concoction? Fort Dietrich, Maryland? Or Langley, Virginia? If we don't prosecute the war, there is a chance that peace might break-out! Kill! Kill! Kill!
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