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  1. Alfa

    POLICE have not ruled out the possibility of foreign involvement in
    the wide-scale cultivation of marijuana in the Navosa highlands.

    This was confirmed by police spokesman Mesake Koroi last night as a
    team of 30 officers continued with its drug operation in the province.

    On reports that a foreigner could be behind the wide-scale cultivation
    of marijuana in the province, he said the force was aware of that and
    investigations were continuing.

    On whether the police had spoken to the foreigner, he said it was
    premature to comment on that.

    "We have not ruled out the possibility that a foreigner could be
    involved in the cultivation of marijuana in the area," he said.

    Divisional Crime Officer Western Superintendent Vijay Singh was
    unaware of such a report when contacted last night.

    He said he was yet to get feedback from the team involved in the
    operation at Navosa since Tuesday.

    The officers are from Ba, Lautoka, Namaka, Nadi, Sigatoka and Keiyasi
    police stations. They were still conducting raids in the province last

    Meanwhile, the turaga ni koro of Sawene Village in Navosa, Kitione
    Rokoura, said village headmen should be allowed to punish drug offenders.

    His call comes in the wake of an increase in the cultivation of
    marijuana by villagers.

    Since the start of the operation, police have uprooted about 5000
    marijuana plants from various places in the region.

    "I believe that village headmen should be allowed to punish those
    caught planting marijuana by giving them a good beating," said Mr
    Rokoura, who patrols his village and surrounding areas at night.

    "Corporal punishment under village law would be a good lesson because
    right now, we see that people continue to plant even after coming out

    of prison."


  1. Alfa
    Now where do the Dutch coffeeshops get all that beautifull Thai pot? It's not grown here, that's for sure.
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