Police Seize 1.5 Tons of Drugs in Eastern Iran

By Terrapinzflyer · Apr 7, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Police Seize 1.5 Tons of Drugs in Eastern Iran
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's law enforcement police squads seized large amounts of illicit drugs in several operations in Iran's eastern province of Southern Khorassan in the last week.

    A statement issued by the provincial law enforcement headquarters said that the police squads discovered and seized 303 kg of opium and 85 kg of hashish from a passenger car heading for Qaein from the provincial capital city of Birjand.

    In another operation, the police forces seized 707 kg of opium form another passenger car, and 6.4 kg of opium as well as 0.6 kg of hashish from a bus, the statement added.

    The police forces also seized 12.6 kg of opium from another passenger car heading for Iran's northeastern city of Mashhad in the neighboring province of Khorassan Razavi.

    The police report said that other discoveries included 71 kg of opium , 45 kg of Crack and another 3.2 kg of Crack from three different vehicles all heading for Mashhad from the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan.

    While Crack is known as a narcotic crystalline form of Cocaine in the other countries, in US and Europe in particular, in Iran it is a Heroin-based drug made of highly (17 times) condensed Heroin. Police believe that the Iranian formula has been designed to encourage addicts with cheap prices, considering that Cocaine is scarce and too expensive in Iran, while Heroin, which is produced in tons in the neighboring Afghanistan is abundant in supply all throughout the region.

    The bordering Sistan and Balouchestan province is notorious for frequent drug trafficking activities and clashes with Iran's law enforcement police.

    In relevant development, Birjand's police squads seized another 50.4 kg of opium from a bus heading for Iran's northern city of Gorgan.

    Darmian's anti-drug squad also seized 145 kg of condensed heroin from a van.

    Police squads in Sarayan, too, seized 7.5 kg of opium as well as 7.25 kg of hashish from a passenger car.

    According to the statistical figures released by the UN, Iran ranks first among the world countries in preventing entry of drugs and decreasing demand for narcotics.

    17:16 | 2010-04-05

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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    does anyone know what this "crack" form or heroin equates to in the west?
  2. pride345
    SWIM is not exactly sure, however, crack in Iran is supposed to be very potent heroin, which is mixed with very potent amphetamine. However, some debate whether there is amphetamine mixed with it, or whether it is just super condensed heroin.

    When SWIM finds out more SWIM will let SWIY know. Btw, SWIM does not think western countries have this form...:crazy

    An experience from SWIMs friend rendered this as very very strong opiates, which was not so enjoyable - it was compulsive to redose after using though. SWIMs friend said it wasnt good... SWIM will find out more soon.
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