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  1. chillinwill
    SYDNEY — Police in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality seized a staggering 25,000 OxyContin tablets and arrested two men in one of the largest ever street level busts for the drug.

    The street value of the drug, which was seized Friday evening and displayed at a press conference Monday, was estimated at $700,000.

    Christopher John Allingham, from the Halifax Regional Municipality, and Todd Douglas Miller, from the Montreal area, were to appear in provincial court in Sydney Monday facing charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking in OxyContin.

    Acting police chief Myles Burke, of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service, thought it may have been the largest seizure of OxyContin in Canada.

    “In terms of street level seizures in this country, this would certainly rank up there as probably one of the most significant. I don’t know of anything in Atlantic Canada or in this country — we are still looking to see if there has been a seizure of OxyContin at street level with this amount.”

    A smaller amount of marijuana was also seized.

    The Cape Breton Post
    Last updated at 11:06 AM on 10/11/08


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