Police seize 42,000 BZP (not ecstasy) pills on eve of 'Schoolies'

By Terrapinzflyer · Dec 3, 2009 · Updated Dec 4, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Police seize 42,000 ecstasy pills on eve of 'Schoolies'
    WA POLICE are hunting an out-of-pocket drug dealer after intercepting 42,000 ecstasy tablets - worth about $1.6 million - on the eve of Schoolies celebration

    The 14kg stash of potentially lethal green-coloured pills, embossed with Nike tick and Apple Mac logos, is among the biggest hauls of ecstasy ever uncovered in Perth.

    The pills, in plastic clip seal bags, were found loaded into one of three suitcases on Tuesday, November 24.

    Detectives today called on public help to identify a man, aged in his 40s, who was photographed by closed circuit surveillance at a ``destination point'' in WA.

    For ``operational reasons'', police say they cannot disclose where the man was photographed or how they happened across the drugs.

    Detective Superintendent Charlie Carver, head of the Organised Crime Squad, said the seizure had been a big win for police in removing thousands of ecstasy pills from WA streets and preventing potential harm to users.

    ``We strongly suspect that those tablets were destined for Schoolies Week,'' Det-Supt Carver said.

    ``You just don't know what's being put through them, what they're cut with. There's been instances where there has been glass, chalk and all sorts of other things, washing powder put in these tablets.

    ``They are made in laboratories that not safe.

    ``They are harmful, don't take them. You don't know what's in them and they can cause serious harm, if not, fatalities.''

    An online website, where users rate the effects of ecstasy and illicit pills, has recommended similar tablets to other users.

    Det Supt Carver said police believed the man had tried to disguise his identity by wearing a hat and sunglasses.

    Nicole Cox, police reporter
    December 03, 2009 11:30am


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  1. iloveravesomuch
    Re: Police seize 42,000 ecstasy pills on eve of 'Schoolies'

    bad blow to anyone planning on heading to schoolies!!!
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: Police seize 42,000 ecstasy pills on eve of 'Schoolies'

    Suitcase was full of BZP, not ecstasy

    About 14kg of pills intended for schoolies were not ecstasy tablets as first thought, detectives said today.

    Officers from the organised crime squad said the massive haul of 42,000 pills, with a value of $1.6 million, was in fact another recreational drug called benzylpiperazine, or BZP.

    Police said drug dealers were now passing off BZP tablets - with the Nike and Apple logos on them - as ecstasy in WA because they both looked the same and possessed similar properties.

    They warned BZP also had significant side effects including increased heart rate, dilation of pupils, nausea, flushing, dry mouth and urinary incontinence.

    Police have released a still image of a man in his 40s lugging a suitcase, which was said to have contained the drugs at an undisclosed location in WA in a bid for more information.

    The man was believed to be in possession of three suitcases and police have confirmed one of the suitcases was seized.

    The man had disguised himself with a hat and sunglasses, detectives said.

    Detective Superintendent Charlie Carver said he could not disclose finer details of the ongoing operation because of operational safety considerations for detectives working on the case.

    - with AAP
    December 4, 2009 - 5:41Pm

  3. Vonn
    Well it would explain a hell of a lot, if the majority of pills in WA were actually BZP. At least thats better than some of the other stuff that they are trying to pass off as MDMA, and most people wouldnt know the difference.
  4. Scarface88
    WA Police are absolutely shocking around leavers time.

    The kids are meeting them halfway by disappearing a couple of hours into nowheresville to party for a week. They are avoiding the suburbs and cities, doing nobody any harm except maybe themselves.

    Yet the police aren't happy with this - they have to set up road blocks, intervene cars, check identification, and, yes, SEIZE ALCOHOL.
  5. rocksmokinmachine
    One more blow for the idiots producing BZP and passing them off as MDMA.
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