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  1. godztear
    Police Seize 600 Packets of Synthetic Marijuana

    WEST FRANKFORT-- A pair of drug busts in two counties have netted more than 600 packets of what police believe is illegal synthetic marijuana. A new law bans the substance commonly sold under the brand names K2 or Spice. But as the case in West Frankfort suggests, a bust may not necessarily land anyone behind bars. West Frankfort police recovered 209 envelopes and vials of what looks like potpourri. Chief Jeff Tharp believes the product inside is laced with chemicals that became illegal on January 1.

    "Recently we had a situation where we had a teen suffer some side effects. We learned that [the substance the teen used] came from Liquor Barrel here in town," Tharp said.

    The product, which Tharp estimates sells for $25, per package, was seized on January 15. The manager of that store, Jayanti Patel, admitted they sold K2 when it was still legal, but said they stopped selling it on December 24, a week before the new law went into effect.

    Patel insists the product the police took from the Liquor Barrel is not contain the banned chemicals. He said a certificate, given to him by the person who sold it to him, proves it. "This guy, he said don't worry about that. It's legal. So that's why we sell it,” Patel said.

    In a similar bust in Williamson County, Herrin Police Chief Stu Ridings said his officers confiscated 400 packages of the banned substance from Gift World on Park Avenue.

    "I think that a lot of retail outlets are still selling it. Which gives the thought process to a young person that if it's being sold in a store, it must be OK," Tharp said. State’s attorneys in both Williamson and Franklin counties will decide if there will be charges filed in the Herrin and West Frankfort cases, respectively.

    Before they do, samples must be tested to determine if they contain the banned substances. Two different sources with law enforcement knowledge say cases involving synthetic marijuana will be difficult for investigators and prosecutors because there are so many different chemicals used in the products.

    Tharp said he’s confident that’s not the situation with the product collected at the Liquor Barrel. "If it's legal, it will be returned to them, but that won't be the case," he said.

    Posted: Monday, January 17th
    By Dana Jay djay@wsiltv.com


  1. godztear
    Authorities look into suspected K2 bust

    WEST FRANKFORT - A Franklin County businessman could face felony charges on the alleged sale of K2 - an aromatic sometimes smoked as a marijuana substitute - after West Frankfort police confiscated 209 bags of the substance from his liquor store Saturday evening.

    West Frankfort police have accused Jaynati S. Patel of selling K2 at the Liquor Barrel. The substance has been illegal in the state of Illinois since Jan. 1. Patel said Saturday's bust is a misunderstanding, the products he sells are legal and that his store had not sold any K2 since Dec. 24.

    "No K2 or K3," Patel said as he produced a photocopied certificate of legality provided by the supplier of some of the products seized. An Illinois State Police lab will determine whether the substances seized from Patel's business are on the banned list.

    Franklin County State's Attorney Evan Owens said felony charges would be filed against Patel should any of the packages taken from his store contain the banned substances. Patel said his store does not sell contraband synthetics such as K2. He added that the last time his store sold K2 was Dec. 24, a week before the substance became illegal.

    Paul Pogue, sales representative for NEB Distributing of Granite City, said the products he placed in Patel's store, such as Cloud 9, are all legal. Tharp said Cloud 9 was among the products seized but the new K2 laws target the chemicals, not specific brands. The Liquor Barrel joins Herrin's Gift World as local businesses accused of selling K2. West Frankfort Police Chief Jeff Tharp said Saturday's bust was the first of its kind in the city, but that doesn't mean police were unaware of the potential problems associated with K2. The synthetic drug is known to have side effects that can include elevated heart rate, panic attacks and seizures.

    "We had, had incidents where people suffered ill side effects from it," Tharp said. Tharp said he was going to push for a city ordinance banning the substance until he found out the state had addressed the issue. When smoked, K2 mimics the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary psychoactive substance found in marijuana.

    Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 12:30 am
  2. Valseedian
    600 packets...

    even small producers make this in an afternoon.. if they think they've made some kind of dent in the supply, they are truely delusional..

    I mean, swim used to produce these products, and routinely had more than this ready to ship at any given moment.. and hes was nowhere near 'largescale'..

    I mean, In largescale, 600 packets might have cost the maker the same as an Oz of good pot..
  3. Alfa
    The stakes are definitely rising. If the analyses comes back with a positive on a banned substance, then there is trouble for the retailers and distributor. And it would not be the first tiem if US law enforcement labs return a positive when there is no illegal compound present.
  4. Moving Pictures
    Valseedian, the amount is not really the point. I'm in the area of this and it made the news cus it's the first of its kind bust in these parts. The news makes it seem so cut and dry though. On TV lastnight, the kept saying that synthetic marijuana was illegal but made no mention that there's hundreds (thousands?) of synthetic cannabinoids that aren't on the illegal list. The TV report made no mention that the guy had a letter confirming that the ingredients weren't illegal.

    The vendors in this area were all trying real hard to get rid of the old stock of spice type products before the ban. I was in a gas station just looking at them and the clerk was telling me he'd sell me two for one on any of the products I wanted. I told him I don't want the stuff and he said that they were trying to get rid of it before the ban cus they know the cops are going to be coming around and confiscating their products to be tested.

    So I doubt this guy was stupid enough to be selling products with banned ingredients. I don't know why the cop is so sure these products aren't legal.
  5. godztear
    That is a very good point, and a strong one made by these two raids. It should serve as a strong warning to retailers state wide (and possible nation wide), that even if you think you are doing something legal and very well could be, the law will take your product anyway. At this point it is like playing russian roulette with synthetic blends.

    Hypothetically speaking though, say these blends come back as unidentified substances or identifiable cannabinoids that are not banned, what are the chances of them being placed on ban immediately? This very well could be a tactic being used by the state to remove the products entirely from circulation, no?
  6. gmeziscool2354
    the first step by the DEA was seizing packages comming into the country from overseas of brand-name spice which, if he remembers correctly included spice gold from germany which contained hu-210 a banned substance over here. the DEA did the same thing with a shipment of bathsalts. its kind of funny, the DEA tends to seize products it has its eyes on, which should be a warning sign to distributors/manufactures that the heat is on. but it didn't seem like anyone over here took that warning except well informed users
  7. godztear
    Officers bust Herrin store for synthetic drugs

    HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - Herrin police busted a business for selling synthetic drugs.

    Shortly before 3 p.m., Southern Illinois Drug Task Force agents moved in on Gift World in Herrin. This is across the street from the city hall. They removed several boxes full of K-2 and other illegal synthetic drugs, including bath salts. Police also removed numerous boxes full of drug paraphernalia.

    The owner of the store Jerry Smith has been arrested for the selling and distribution of illegal synthetic drugs. The store was shut down in January of 2011 for a synthetic marijuana, also known as K-2, bust.

    Amber Ruch | Jun 26, 2012

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