Police seize 65 kilograms of ecstasy

By chillinwill · Aug 21, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    WINNIPEG — City police are providing few details today about what they say is one of the top five ecstasy drug busts in Canada and the biggest in the city's history.

    They say they uncovered 65 kilograms of very pure ecstasy powder after stopping a vehicle for speeding at Portage Avenue and the Perimeter Highway on July 26.

    Had it been processed and distributed, the powder it could have made 650,000 tablets with a street value of about $6.5 million, police estimate.

    However, city police refused today to say if the bust took place inside city limits, what type of vehicle was involved, and if they were working with the RCMP.

    They also did not say if the vehicle had been under surveillance before the bust occurred.

    But Winnipeg Police Service spokeswoman Jackie Chaput did say that the seizure had caused a significant dent in the drug trade.

    "It's the largest we've seen in our history," she said.

    Chaput said the ecstasy seized was a highly pure form of the drug and would have been mixed with cutting agents before it was sold.

    "This is several steps removed from the street level," she said.

    Dalip Singh Judge, 32, of Surrey, B.C. and Paramjit Singh Gill, 32, of Delta, B.C. were charged with drug trafficking.

    Both are in custody.

    August 19, 2009
    Winnipeg Free Press

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  1. anonuser30500
    Cop on the end looks like he has dabbed his finger in the powder to test it.

    Either that or he really does believe he is a soldier in the war on drugs.
  2. Makesmefeelbig
    Yeh this kind of article makes SWIM cry... if it really was MDMA (which it probably was, since i can't imagine 65 kilograms of piperazines would be in one place at the same time), it would only have brought good things to the world. It's almost like busting a couple of Medicin Sans Frontiers (sp?) workers with a car full of vaccines.

    If SWIM saw any of the officers pictured on the street he would think "what an arsehole".
  3. bubbly nubs
    That is a lot of ecstasy. It is a bit of a shame.
  4. RaverHippie
    That's sad to hear...
  5. port 21
    A tear came to swims eye when he saw that. Haha.
  6. ninjaned
    what did this really accomplish though? now people can't enjoy something that brings them happiness, the lives of the people caught with it are prolly ruined, and the police claim a victory? this is awful.
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