Police seize largest cargo of heroin in recent years

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    Police seize largest cargo of heroin in recent years

    Colombian National Police on Monday seized the largest consignment of heroin registered in recent years in the Caribbean port of Barranquilla.

    In accordance with Colombia's Christmas security plans, anti-narcotics police discovered the cargo of 131 kilograms of heroin thanks to the acute senses of a trained sniffer dog. Hidden with the heroin, authorities also found some 136 kilograms of cocaine.

    Authorities believe the drugs would have been shipped through the Dominican Republic and then destined for Europe and the United States where they would have fetched a high price.

    According to a statement on Colombia's National Police website the full consignment belonged to the illegal narcotics trafficking gang 'Los Paisas'.

    On the international market, the heroin would have fetched some US$6.5 million and the cocaine approximately US$4.7 million.

    MONDAY, 07 DECEMBER 2009 17:21


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