Police seize 'legal highs' in Ballymena

By chillinwill · Sep 3, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Drugs worth £500,000 have been seized by the police in Ballymena.
    The pills known as BZPs replicate the effects of drugs like ecstasy, police said.

    100,000 of them were found in a storage facility near the Showgrounds in the town on Tuesday. There were no arrests.

    An Organised Crime Branch spokesman said the drugs, although legal, are "potentially lethal particularly where young people are concerned".

    "We are delighted to have taken these out of circulation," the spokesman added.

    As a result of the seizure, police are liaising with the Department of Health Medicines Inspection and Investigation Branch.

    Police said two people had died in the last year in England as the result of taking BZPs.

    Last week, the Home Office said the drug would be banned by the end of the year.

    September 2, 2009
    Ballymena Times

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  1. Euphoric
    Anyone know more about these? Like doses and other substances taken?
  2. cannabis-sam
    were these to be sold as legal highs or were they fake E's?
  3. Frond
    So they're admitting to seizing legal drugs? Anybody else find this slightly... unlawful? Or does that term not mean anything anymore? Wait, that's a silly question...
  4. Seaquake
    they are probably using the medicines act. they may be legal chemicals to possess but if a vendor is selling them knowing that they are going to be consumed then the vendor is basically up shit creek. as there hasn't been any sort of clinical trails for the rcs so they shouldn't be sold for human consumption. now they all have these disclaimers but I suspect they have no more standing than those disclaimers about law enforcement people not being allowed to access a site.
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