Police seize lethal new drug DMT in WA

By kinkar · Jul 15, 2009 · ·
  1. kinkar
    Nicole Cox, police reporter
    December 04, 2008 01:00pm

    POLICE have made what is thought to be WA's first seizure of a new and potentially fatal hallucinogenic drug, arresting three men.
    Police yesterday seized two grams of the drug, known as dimethyltryptamine or DMT, and arrested three men after raiding two properties in Denmark and Walpole, in the South of WA.

    Police were called into investigate after a patient was admitted to Denmark Hospital with a suspected overdose of the drug.

    ``We believe this may be the first seizure of DMT by police in WA . . . And we also believe it is the first arrest as a result of this drug,'' Denmark Sergeant Dave Dench told PerthNow this afternoon.

    ``This is new (to WA). It's not new to the world. . . it's been used for 300 or 400 years overseas, but it's new to WA. We have never come across this in WA before.

    ``Even though we've only seized 2 grams, the fact that we've locked up three men, we believe we've put quite a dint in the potential for this drug to hit Denmark in large quantities.''

    DMT is extracted from the bark of certain trees and is manufactured during a `` complex cooking process''. Once ``cooked'', the yellow-coloured drug takes a crystalline or powder form. It is usually smoked, sometimes by lacing cannabis with the drug, police say.

    Sgt Dench said intelligence suggested that the drug was being sold in 1 gram packages for $200.
    He said chemists believed that each ``dose'' was 15 to 25 mg.

    ``Our concern is that if someone who hasn't taken the drug before and doesn't know anything about it and takes 1 gram, which is way over the dosage that chemists recommend is sufficient, then it may potentially have some major health effects for them.''

    He said police did not have any evidence that the drug, which is believed to have originated in South America, had been manufactured in the South West or from local trees.

    ``There are about six or seven types of tree that this substance can be extracted from....But we don't have any direct intelligence to suggest it's been cooked locally,'' he said.

    A 25-year-old Walpole man will be charged by summons with supplying a prohibited drug (DMT), possessing a prohibited drug (DMT) and one count of possessing cannabis.

    A 22-year-old man from Denmark will be charged by summons with one count of possessing a prohibited drug (DMT) and possessing a smoking implement.

    The third man, a 23-year-old from Denmark, will be charged by summons for possessing cannabis and possessing a smoking implement.

    The three men will appear in Albany Magistrates Court in January.


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  1. runitsthepolice
    As usual news people are idiots. DMT is not new. It's been around for a long time. Do they do any research at all before printing this shit?
  2. sterling77
    DMT is apparently new, but check this out it is also, lethal?
  3. tisanemaster
    And how do you manage to "overdose on DMT" exactly?
  4. SullyGuy
    I think I just cried a little...
  5. slownerveaction
    Holy smokes, that was...something. I definitely winced more than once.
  6. Nemba

    Note how they say they're worried about some retard not looking up a dose and taking 1g (as if you take that much of anything else ever except shitty otc painkillers and gb*) but swim has known people who have injected ~.5-1g and not felt any adverse physical effects except nausea which can be explained psychosomatically by the sheer strength of that kind of trip. However they were totally fine afterwards.

    Have there even been any deaths ever from DMT? Like the fabled idiot who injected 3g of LSD and died?
  7. psyche
    Interesting references on doosing. Happen to have any reference for 3g LSD hit?
  8. Macee
    Australia is such a naive country, and would wholeheartedly believe that DMT story, and honestly, thats like saying a person with an ounce of cannabis is a massive dealer or someone with 10 ecstacy pills is a massive dealer.

    Such Utter Crap.

    For the LSD overdose,

    I havnt heard of a 3 gram injection, however I was reading that a man Overdosed on LSD after injecting ~320,000ug (0.32g) believing it was an amphetamine.

    Sources: http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/lsd/lsd_dose.shtml
  9. Routemaster Flash
    You can be charged in Australia for "possessing a smoking implement"?

    Jesus wept. :thumbsdown:
  10. Nemba
    Ah, well that must have been the one I was thinking of then.
  11. g666d
    heh, swim used to buy that stuff as 'herbal high' from market somewhere not perth. Was retailed called something not dreamytime. Said on packet didn't have 'wattle leaf' in it. Was same apperance as mixed herbs.
    Swim said this stuff was expensive ($60AUD a gram or something)which would give about 5 small hits, each small hit being like 10mins of very strong acid. Swim thinks someone probably didn't extract the DMT out of bulk wattle then lace some herbal tobacco with it. Swim (truely) doesn't know though.

    Swim said there were other mild psychoactives in the herbal high stuff, maybe damiana or something, but nothing that that should give such an intense trip.

    Swim had a dream when he left australia that stuff wasn't available from the markets anymore (months ago)
  12. cra$h
    really wonder what the standards are for being new.... could have swore DMT has been around longer than man. It's ashame they demonize something so ununderstood (misunderstood would have been the wrong word, idk, had to think of somethin)
  13. soloe
    Haha this is funny as SWIM lived in WA for a long time and can honestly DMT is far from new in the area. Its like the media couldn't find anything else to write about so they report about a few poor guys that were arrested for possessing a mere 2 grams! What has the world come to.
  14. =SKA=
    Me too. It's ignorance like this that tempt me to target and expose key political figures to amazingly high doses of acid.

    DMT is a most sacred substance. How DARE these blind fools misjudge and opress it like that.
    What we need is to unite as an official group of a LARGE number of ppl, and each contribute money to this union/club and use it to buy an island or patch of land.
    There we should make our own laws.

    'Cause somehow I cannot seem to have any hope on improvement concerning our civil freedoms here in the "civilised world". Don't feel we will ever be allowed more freedom in the countries we live in. It's plain rediculous.
  15. dr ACE
    more than likley it would have been 5MEO-DMT that would expalin the overdoes
  16. Routemaster Flash
    But there HASN'T BEEN any fatal 'DMT overdose' yet, that's the whole point!
  17. Desertfox
    "This whole courtroom is out of order."

    Everyone that would be at that trial would be as guilty as the defendants for possessing a prohibited drug DMT, because it occurs naturally inside the human body!
  18. peace n love man
    This article is everything that is wrong with world.
    So misinformed.
    So sad.
    Next time there is an even like this, i want to make everyone fight for these peoples freedoms against hypocracy and control, and freedoms for choice.
    i hope with love that these men were not setenced long.
  19. nightplant
    Swim did lol when Reading this, the state getting a boner over 2g of DMT. The most harmless drug ever. Yet the most amazing.

    ..... Swim better check his yeild.
  20. CoryInJapan
    Seriously over just 2 grams.Thats sad.
    They say it comes from tree's.SO its natural?
    Huh.Lethal new drug.Everyone must get brain damage when they dream at night?

    How on earth someone that doesn't know the dosage could get in they're lung more than 50mg when never trying it.I highly doubt that.
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