Police seize more cocaine, heroin

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    Police seize more cocaine, heroin
    New South Wales Police say they have seized twice as much cocaine and four times as much heroin so far this year compared to all of 2008.

    But less cannabis and ecstasy has been taken off the streets this year.

    In total $181 million worth of illicit drugs have been seized.

    Police Minister Michael Daley puts the successful drug seizures down to the fight against illegal bikie activity.

    "So far, Strike Force Raptor has arrested about 400 people and laid about 800 charges in relation to bikies," he said.

    "We're really affecting the capability of bikie gangs to get drugs - particularly amphetamines - onto the street.

    "In the nine months to October 9 this year, police have seized $100 million worth of cannabis plants, $17 million worth of heroin, over $11.5 million of cocaine, and more than $21.5 million worth of amphetamines."

    Mr Daley says the seizures are keeping people who might use drugs out of hospital.


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