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    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's drug combat squads have seized more than 5 tons of narcotics in month-long operations at the country’s borders, a police commander announced on Saturday.

    “The brave Iranian border guards fully controlled the bordering areas last (Iranian) month (November 22 to December 21) through their continued land, air and sea patrols,” Deputy Commander of the Iranian Border Guard Police for Coordination General Seyed Abbas Atayee said.

    He noted that the day and night efforts of the Iranian border guards have resulted in the discovery and seizure of 5.229 tons of different illicit drugs, including opium, hashish, heroin and morphine.

    Iran lies on a transit corridor between opium producing Afghanistan and drug dealers in Europe.

    Sistan and Baluchestan province, where Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan come together, has porous borders, where bandits and drug traffickers operate despite frequent entanglements and intense efforts of the Iranian law enforcement police.

    According to official estimates, Iran’s battle against drugs cost the country around $1 billion annually.

    Saturday 28 December 2013


  1. mattawardpeace
    Does anyone know what kind of punishment will come to the smugglers that were caught? I imagine it would be quite severe in Iran.
  2. nitewalker
    The death penalty is not uncommon in Iran for drug offences. The Iranian government openly admits to executing 10,s of thousands of its own people, over the past couple of decades, for the crime of possession of personal amounts or just even showing signs of drug use (track marks, opium stained fingers etc.).

    All though accurate figures are difficult to obtain, Iran is supposed to have the highest rate of opiate addiction in the world.

    Still, no wonder, since according to the UN, neighboring Afghanistan produced over 6000 tons of opium in 2012, & 2013 is estimated to be close to twice that, more than the rest of the opium producing world combined. So even if the Iranians intercept every month, what they did in December, it won't even put a dent in the amount trafficked.

    Makes you think, if Iran can't prevent drugs moving & being consumed, with those kinds of penalties, what makes anyone think the U.S. can? There's too much money to be made in an area that is dirt poor. People are always going to want their drugs.
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