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Police seized 2,000 bags of synthetic marijuana from unnamed businesses

By SmokeTwibz, Sep 26, 2012 | Updated: Sep 26, 2012 | |
  1. SmokeTwibz

    Willimantic police today seized more than 2,000 bags of synthetic marijuana from two local, unnamed businesses.

    The estimated street value of the product is estimated to be between $25,000 and $30,000, according to police.

    Police did not release the names of the businesses in a press release, stating only the product was seized in course of serving two search warrants. When reached by phone, police said they were not releasing the names of businesses due to a pending investigation.

    The synthetic marijuana was packaged in a manner likely to attract children, police said, with the product sold as “Scooby Snax,” “OMG,” “WTF,” “Mad Hatter,” and “Kush.” The packages featured depictions of cartoon characters and was labeled for sale as “aromatic potpourri,” police said. The packages also noted the product did not contain banned substances and was legal in 50 states, police said.

    Police said the product was sold openly in the normal course of the store’s business.

    In 2011, the state made it illegal to sell or possess synthetic marijuana, which is described as a blend of herbs and chemicals the mimic the effects of marijuana when smoked. Police said the synthetic marijuana has been linked with harmful side effects, including increased heart rates and blood pressure, vomiting, seizures and anxiety.

    Police are asking for anyone with information concerning the sale of synthetic marijuana to call the department at (860) 465-3135, or to email wpd-ct.net.

    The Bulletin
    Posted Sep 25, 2012 @ 04:30 PM

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