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Police: Southwest Va. man led oxycodone drug ring

  1. TitusCrow

    Police: Southwest Va. man led oxycodone drug ring

    TAZEWELL, Va. A southwest Virginia man has been indicted as a federal drug kingpin.

    He's one of nine defendants in what federal authorities say was an oxycodone ring.Authorities said yesterday that 47-year-old Donald Elbert Horton Junior of Raven was indicted on several counts, including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise and conspiring to possess cocaine and oxycodone, a pain reliever.Most of the defendants are from Tazewell (TAZZ'-well) County. They face drug charges. Two others were indicted on perjury counts.The charges carry maximum sentences ranging from five to 20 years in prison.Tazewell County Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Lee, who is serving as a special U-S assistant attorney, could offer no further details of the case.


  1. thegoodfight
    That is some excellent news coverage by that station! I hope they didn't leave any details out??
  2. Sitbcknchill
    Leave it to the commonwealth....oh how swim loves VA...fucking rednecks...all of them. One day swim hopes for a change but that will probley be the day when VA gets wiped off the map.

    Lack of details indeed thegoodfight. I'm sure the commonwealth has no more details then that also the way things are run around here. If you sneeze wrong around here you go to prison for life it seems. Swim highly doubts the guy was a kingpin. But again, they probley consider the guy they bust smoking a joint in his own home a kingpin.
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